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Mark Study Guide

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Mark Study Guide
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Mark Study Guide

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Mark Study Guide
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Jeff Manion


In 40 Days Through the Book: Mark Study Guide (DVD/digital downloads sold separately), author and pastor Jeff Manion guides small-group members through the Gospel of Mark, revealing what the author words meant to his original readers . . . and how they apply to us today. Participants will be encouraged as they listen to Jeff's teachings and, through the accompanying study guide, challenged to read the Gospel of Mark on their own during the forty days in the study.

The 40 Days Through the Book series has been designed to help believers more actively engage with God's Word. Each study encourages participants to read through one book in the New Testament at least once during the course of 40 days (approximately 6 weeks of meetings) and will provide them with (1) a clear understanding of the background and culture in which the book was written, (2) insights into key passages of Scripture, and (3) clear applications and takeaways from the particular book that participants can apply to their lives. Each study will be recorded in the author’s place of residence and will highlight stories and applications that are relevant to his or her ministry in that area.

Designed for use with 40 Days Through the Book: Mark Video Study (sold separately).

ISBN: 9780310129929

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