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NKJV Defending the Faith Study Bible

For the Olive Tree Bible App

NKJV Defending the Faith Study Bible
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NKJV Defending the Faith Study Bible

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: NKJV Defending the Faith Study Bible
Publisher: Apologetics Press


The need to defend our Christian faith is as old as the faith itself. Modern, 21st-century Christians face many claims, including accusations that the Bible is filled with contradiction, that if God were loving he could not let people suffer, or that science has proved the creation story in the Bible false. The Defending the Faith Study Bible was created so that users can refute these claims with the information they need when their faith is questioned.

Special icons throughout the study notes allow quick identification of entries related to Creation, Bible Inspiration, Existence of God, Deity of Christ, Alleged Bible Discrepancies, and World Religions. In addition, several articles are devoted to individual topics with a larger, cross-Bible application. These provide a more lengthy, thorough discussion of the most common attacks on Christianity.

A variety of beautiful, professional artwork, charts, graphics, and photographs illustrate details and summarize concepts. A litany of positive evidence for the inspiration of the Bible, such as documented archaeological discoveries, comparisons of modern scientific findings with the biblical text, and historical evidence that validates the predictive prophecies of the Bible are also presented.

This study Bible was designed from the ground up to aid in the defense of the faith against the attacks of skeptics, atheists, and others who seek to dismiss the Bible as a book of fables - the product of uninspired humans. Many are likely to be confronted with skeptical arguments: young people, those incarcerated, future church leaders and ministers, and those in increasingly secular parts of the country or the world. This Bible will provide the tools needed to confront the inaccuracies and defend the faith.

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