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I Wish Sons Came With Instructions

For the Olive Tree Bible App

I Wish Sons Came With Instructions
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I Wish Sons Came With Instructions

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: I Wish Sons Came With Instructions
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Harry Rockefeller


Within these pages I hope you get to know me. Mostly, I hope you come to realize my intent to carry out my calling by God to raise my own sons to know their Heavenly Father. I enjoyed a good loving human father but only for the first 18 years of my life. Raising my sons had to be done without his help. But, rather than being at a disadvantage, I knew I had a great opportunity to lean on a promise to those in submission to the Holy God found in the pages of the Bible. He is "father of the fatherless". [Psalm 68:5]This book is not just about general principles: love God, abide in Christ, love your sons, be humble, deny yourself, etc. These are all important but here I share personal stories about dealing with my sons at all stages of life. My one-year-old woke up screaming from a nightmare. He's barely able to talk. What do I say or do? My 3-year-old loves his independence walking at his pace. Next, he decides he is big enough to carry a large package by himself out of a store. Should I let him try? When should I talk to my son about sex? What should I say? How concerned should I be about what he is being taught in public school? What should I do if it doesn't agree with what I actually want my son to be taught? How do I "teach" my adult son to think for himself about what is right or wrong, good or evil? All these questions and more are answered using real family stories. But, by themselves, my life stories, no matter how interesting, is not the main point. My Heavenly Father gave me the answers, so in these stories you will also find relevant Scripture.The main point is to cause something written here to resonate with you. Maybe a memory of something your Mom, Dad, or Grandma said to you when you were a child would suddenly fill your mind and, right now you would have a decision to make. Do I want to love my own son as I know I should? Am I being selfish if I spend this money in this way? Perhaps you need to make a decision. You may have more than one path ahead of you and don't know which way to turn. Should I open my Bible and pray for godly wisdom for myself and my wife in what to do with our son? If not for your sake, get close to your Heavenly Father for the sake of your son. Build a parenting foundation on the Word of God.I pray you would cultivate a relationship with your loving Heavenly Father and teach that to your own son.
ISBN: 9781595558817

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