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Run Today's Race

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Run Today's Race
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Run Today's Race

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Run Today's Race
Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing
Author: Oswald Chambers


This collection of concise sayings provides 365 days of encouragement for all who feel wearied by the daily grind of life. Oswald Chambers called these saying “seed thoughts”—brief words of wisdom that catch our attention and stimulate spiritual growth. Taking Jesus’ parables as his example, Chambers understood how, over time, simple truths can develop into deep-rooted life lessons. “Our Lord was never impatient,” Chambers wrote. “He simply planted seed thoughts in the disciples’ minds and surrounded them with the atmosphere of His own life.” Start sowing your life with godly wisdom today!

ISBN: 9781627074445

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