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Dangerous Prayers

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Dangerous Prayers
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Audio Book

Dangerous Prayers

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Dangerous Prayers
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Susan Hill
Narrated by Tommy Cresswell
Length: 2 hrs. 7 min.


World-changers. Rebels. Rejecters of the status quo. Throughout history, Christians were never meant to have a safe faith. Highlighting people throughout the millennia, this book is a compilation of faith and facts that celebrate the prayer lives of spiritual giants and invigorate your faith.

Dangerous Prayers is an inspiring collection of prayers from people who have changed the world. This audiobook features:

  • the exploration of 50 dynamic prayers from historical figures, cultural icons, political leaders, saints, and martyrs
  • biographical information on the 50 people featured--from St. Francis of Assisi to Harriet Tubman to Billy Graham

This valuable resource is perfect for:

  • men and women interested in learning more about prayer, the Christian faith, and spiritual discipline
  • homeschooling families or parents wanting to teach their children about historical Christianity
  • gifting to loved ones who enjoy biographies and history

No matter your age, position, or status, praying dangerous prayers will change your life—and likely the world around you as well.

ISBN: 9781400232055

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