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Just Give Me Jesus

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Just Give Me Jesus
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Just Give Me Jesus

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Just Give Me Jesus
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Anne Graham Lotz
Narrated by Nan Gurley
Length: 13 hrs. 44 min.


How did the apostle John know that, two thousand years after he lived, your life would need a fresh touch from God?

How did John know that, at the beginning of a new millennium,
our lives would be so busy,
our focus so divided,
our bodies so tired,
our minds so bombarded,
our families so attacked,
our relationships so strained,
our churches so programmed . . .

that we would be desperate for the simplicity and the purity, the freedom and the fulfillment of a life lived in Jesus’ name?

John probably didn’t know. But God did. That’s why He gives us Jesus! And that’s why, as Anne Graham Lotz reveals, John’s eyewitness account of Jesus’ life is unmistakably relevant to your life today. The same Jesus who turned water into wine is the One who provides for your needs at this very moment. Enter into His life and find your soul refreshed with Living Water.

This new edition of Just Give Me Jesus includes an in-depth devotional guide to help you explore the words of John in a personal and practical way. It can be found in the audiobook companion PDF download.

ISBN: 9780785292319

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