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Michel Foucault

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Michel Foucault
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Michel Foucault

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Michel Foucault
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Author: Christopher Mark Watkin


Michel Foucault is, by some measures, the single most cited author across the arts and humanities today. His work continues to exert a deep and broad influence in disciplines as diverse as history, literary studies, sociology, philosophy, fine art, feminism, gay and lesbian studies, and the history of science. Despite this, until now there has been no overarching systematic approach to his work from a Reformed perspective—let alone one that is accessible as Watkins’. Peter J. Leithart writes, “Chris Watkin has written a remarkable book—remarkable for its brevity, concision, accuracy, insight. . . . Best of all for a Christian reader, Watkin assesses Foucault’s strengths and flaws in the light of Scripture.” William Edgar adds, “In the capable hands of Chris Watkin, Foucault does emerge as a helpful guide to the way we use and abuse power, yet one who in the end is deeply flawed. . . . An absolute treasure of a book.”
ISBN: 9781629953496

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