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Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary (43 Vols.)

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Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary
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Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary (43 Vols.)

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Title: Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary (43 Vols.)
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
Author: David Platt, Daniel L. Akin and Tony Merida
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Augustine said, “Where Scripture speaks, God speaks.” The Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary (CCEC) authors agree. Believing the Word is God-breathed, authoritative and timeless, each author strives to handle text carefully and accurately.

Edited by David Platt, Daniel L. Akin, and Tony Merida, this new commentary series takes a Christ-centered approach to expositing each book of the Bible. Rather than a verse-by-verse approach, the authors have crafted chapters that explain and apply key passages and conclude with a “Reflect & Discuss” section.

The Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary is an easy-reading, practical and friendly commentary ideal for small group study, personal devotion, and even sermon preparation.

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