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Mortification of Sin

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Mortification of Sin
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Mortification of Sin

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Mortification of Sin
Publisher: One Audiobooks
Author: John Owen
Narrated by Wayne Evans
Length: 4 hrs. 46 min.


John Owen’s genuine concern for his brothers and sisters in Christ is evident in each of his writings.  In The Mortification of Sin, Owen describes the dangers to the soul that still exist even after finding faith in Jesus.  While under the protection of Christ, temptation and sin still demand attention and provide threatening distractions.  Owen provides a guide to help navigate this world and to learn to fight against sin with Christ’s help.  Encouraging self-reflection and conviction, Owen also stresses the importance of relying on God’s strength in this battle.  This fight requires alertness, focus, and discipline, but most importantly it requires faith in the power of Christ to fully eliminate sin and temptation.
ISBN: 9781646893690

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