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God's Promises During Times of Trouble

For the Olive Tree Bible App

God's Promises During Times of Trouble
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God's Promises During Times of Trouble

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: God's Promises During Times of Trouble
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Jack Countryman


Find the comfort you need when your life feels like it is falling apart.

Where do you turn to when you need hope, encouragement, and comfort during your most difficult times? God's Word is the best place to start.

When you are faced with grief, pain, or loss it's often hard to find comfort and support. God's Promises® During Times of Trouble provides 50 topics of select biblical promises of comfort and hope during the difficulties that leave us needing healing and reassurance. Whether you're struggling with illness, loss, divorce, confusion, doubt, or any difficult situation that leaves you with a feeling of despair, the promises found in God's Word bring abundant encouragement, inspiration, and hope.

A volume in the popular God's Promises® line of resources, this keepsake expanded edition features:

  • Fifty topics covering a wide variety of issues affecting today's Christian such as loneliness, isolation, stress, anger, doubt, financial difficulties, marital problems, and many more.
  • Hundreds of Bible verses (NKJV translation) specially collected to speak directly to you.
  • Inspirational quotes from respected Christian authors.
  • Key verses perfect for memorization and reflection.
  • Reflection questions and journaling lines for applying biblical principles to your everyday challenges.


Scripture is one of the most powerful tools for finding inspiration to uplift and nourish your heart and soul through life's most challenging times. And God's Promises® During Times of Trouble will help you lean on God's Word and find the hope you crave.

ISBN: 9781400334278

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