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Preach the Gospel

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Preach the Gospel
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Preach the Gospel

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Preach the Gospel
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Author: Martin Rizley


Jesus made gospel preaching a priority for Himself, the apostles, and the church. And if we are going to carry out the task of gospel preaching today, we must consider why the Lord committed this sacred duty to His followers. In this booklet, Martin Rizley winsomely describes the nature, necessity, and manner of gospel preaching so that we will better recognize it as the high priority Christ established it to be. Most ministers, missionaries, and laymen know and affirm these truths when they hear them, but how often do we forget them in the midst of the battle when so many other worthy needs are set before us?

Table of Contents:

Foreword - Paul Washer

  1. What Is Gospel Preaching?
  2. Why Is Gospel Preaching Necessary?
  3. How Is the Work of Gospel Preaching to Be Performed?

ISBN: 9781601788474

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