This tool is an all-in-one resource for Bible study! Get quick, concise help as you read the Bible. Here’s how with the Barbour Bible Reference Companion.

Watch & Learn about the Barbour Bible Reference Companion

Watch the video below to look inside this easy-to-use tool. Or, keep scrolling to learn more by reading.

Quick Introductions and Summaries

The Barbor Bible Reference Companion comes with quick-to-read introductions and summaries. If you need reminders of a passage’s context while in small group, a resource like this is your best friend. You can scan the section quickly and be ready to participate in a discussion meaningfully.

Introduction to Acts Bible Reference Companion

Also, our introductions are tagged — meaning that when you’re reading a Bible in the main window, the Resource Guide can give you fast access to the appropriate introduction. Just keep your eyes open for the title under the “Introductions” section!

Next, let’s look at the summaries. The Bible Reference Companion references every verse, but lumps them together into meaningful sections. You’re going to quickly get the full picture. If you were to tap on the verse references there on the left, a pop-up window would appear with the passage in your most recently-used Bible translation.

Summary of Acts app

And did you notice the sidebar there in the gray box!? These are bits of extra information the resource provided to help you through extra challenging passages.

Easy-to-Use Dictionary

Usually, Bible resources stop with what we’ve seen above. Or, you can get a dictionary separately. But the Bible Reference Companion isn’t kidding when it says it is an all-in-one tool. Check out this dictionary!

Bible Reference Companion Dictionary

One way to find what you’re looking for in the dictionary is to search. But you can also use another part of the table of contents to drill down into the entries alphabetically.

Also, this aspect of the Companion will work in other resources as well. For instance, if you select a word in the Bible text and tap “look up,” we’ll let you know what dictionaries have entries on that word—including this one.

Helpful Images to Guide Your Learning

There are so many neat images of artwork in this resource. You can always tap on them to get a closer look if you want, too.

Barbour Bible Reference Companion Holy Spirit Descending

And there are 8 full-color maps, easily accessible at the end of the resource. We’ll also pull these up in the Resource Guide if you’re reading about a location the map shows!

Barbour Bible Reference Companion Ancient Near East Map

Linked Indexes to the Content in the Bible Reference Companion

Normally, indexes are the component you ignore at the back of the book unless you’re doing some hard research. Even then, the page flipping can be ridiculous!

Well, the way this index is laid out is pretty unique. Check out the key.

Barbour Bible Reference Companion Index

Before tapping on any of the hyperlinks to the entries, you can know what kind of entry it will be. Also, those are page numbers, and we do include page numbers in the text for this reason. We thought this aspect of the Bible Reference Companion was so helpful, that we left them in.

Get Your Own Copy of the Barbour Bible Reference Companion

Barbour Bible Reference Companion

Ready to get started with your own copy! Or do you need to learn more? Either way, head on over to our website to decide if the Barbour Bible Reference Companion is a great fit for you and your Bible study.

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