Community Commenting Guidelines

Our blog exists as an extension of our mission statement: To inspire people to connect with God and the Bible through technology.

One aspect of our blog that carries out this mission is the comment section! We love the conversation, affirmation, and theological interaction that spawns in response to the articles we’ve produced over the years. Unfortunately, we have also seen comments that we do not feel comfortable keeping up there. Because we value your time and opinions, we want to take the guesswork out and present our Community Commenting Guidelines. We aren’t interested in legalism and will enforce these rules as necessary.

All our guidelines boil down into one statement:

Please be respectful

1. Do not attack others’ character, religious practice, Bible translation preference, grammar, nationality, etc.

Our site is visited by people from various backgrounds and we appreciate how it takes every believer to build the Body of Christ. We will remove comments that our team perceives as derogatory. Matthew 7:12.

2. No profanity or lewd speech

The Olive Tree blog should be accessible to all age groups and sensibilities. We realize that the concept of profanity is cultural and dynamic, so try to keep things as PG as possible. Ephesians 4:29.

3. Refrain from political discourse

We believe that your spiritual citizenship is not tied to political affiliation. Because politics can be so caustic, we have decided to remain a politically neutral space. Do not use our posts as an opportunity to bash a party or person of a different belief. John 15:12.

4. Please send technical issues to

We can try to answer some questions in the blog comments, but if you have trouble with your app, emailing our dedicated support team is the fastest and most direct way to get things resolved.

5. No spam

We want to keep things somewhat on-topic, so if your comment is nonsensical or promotes a product or website, our spam filter will automatically remove your comment. If you believe your comment was removed by mistake, email and we can take a closer look.