We’ve been looking for a helpful resource to write about for our Reformed friends. After some research, we found one that we think you all will enjoy greatly. The Reformed Expository Commentary Series is edited by Richard Phillips and Phillip Ryken: two Reformed pastors dedicated to Christ-centered preaching paired with a vigorously Reformed doctrinal stance.


Phillips and Ryken were both proteges of James Montgomery Boice. Sound familiar? We often talk about the Boice Expositional Commentary Series. Boice’s set contains 27 volumes—that man knew how to write!

So, when Phillips and Ryken decided to produce their own commentary set, it was very important to them that they didn’t simply copy Boice. They wanted to make sure that their resource would be fulfilling a need.


Here are three needs that Phillips and Ryken want to fill:

1. There a few commentaries that extend from exegesis into exposition (answering technical questions while also applying the passage)

  • But this commentary set proclaims, explains, and applies the whole text within each set—perfect for sermons and Bible lessons
  • It also includes information on exegesis, text criticism, theology, and historical studies, but it shares the information in a way that can be used directly in a sermon

2. There are even fewer commentaries that teach a Christ-centered message that reflects Reformed doctrinal stances

  • But this commentary is consistently using a Christ-centered message in every passage of Scripture
  • And it is also staunchly Reformed, relying on the Westminster Confessions heavily

3. And lastly, barely any commentaries give real examples of their teaching being used in the pulpit

  • But this commentary organized as transcripts of sermons used by the authors—they were required to preach anything they included in this set!
  • And the information is so applicable, that even the editors continue to use this resource for their daily devotions

Most of this information came from an interview conducted by Tim Challies, which you can view here.


Here’s an example of how this resource works with the Resource Guide. If you’re in a passage of the Bible that this commentary references, our app will let you know. Just tap on “Reformed Expository Commentary” to access the information in the split-window.

Reformed Expository Commentary in the Olive Tree Bible App

Here’s what I found! The beginning of this sermon starts with an attention-getter, referencing The Lord of the Rings (automatic bonus points!). Then, it transitions into explaining how we can believe the miracles presented in the Bible and an explanation of the passage. Click on the images to see them enlarged.

Matthew 8:1-4
Olive Tree
Reformed Commentary


Interested in Reformed theology, sermons, and Christ-centered teaching? Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself Reformed, there’s something to learn. All you need to do is visit our website to learn more about the The Reformed Expository Commentary Series.

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