The tagline for the new ESV Church History Study Bible is “Voices from the past, wisdom for the present”. Undoubtedly, we are in dire need of wisdom today, but do we turn to church history for that wisdom? The ESV Church History Study Bible seeks to correct that. This new resource shows us the rich history we are neglecting to our own detriment. Read on to learn more about this unique resource that helps bridge the gap between the past and the present.

The ESV Church History Study Bible is intended to serve pastors and students, placing a wealth of teaching, insight, and encouragement from church history alongside the biblical text . . . [it] is also intended to serve laity by introducing them to the vast riches of church history that can encourage and edify. Finally, [it] stands as a reminder to all of us that we are part of one body, proclaiming one gospel, reading and studying one Bible, in obedience and service to one Lord and Savior”

Stephen J. Nichols, Introduction

ESV Church History Study Bible Features

We want to show you how the ESV Church History Study Bible (ESV CHSB) distills and features the wisdom of the past. Let’s look first at book introductions.

Book Introductions

The first way this resource distills and features the wisdom of the past is in the introductory material to each book of the Bible. These are no ordinary introductions though. These introductions highlight the history of interpretation of these books or historical issues regarding these books. Check out this introduction that highlights the impact Galatians had on Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

Scripture Notes

The bulk of the wisdom from the past in the ESV CHSB is in the Scripture notes. These notes, over 20,000 of them, include authors from every century of church history. The author and the source containing the note are provided demonstrating our rich heritage.

An index in the end matter shares a short biographical sketch of each author used in the study Bible.


An additional feature of the ESV CHSB is a collection of 12 articles in the end matter. Contemporary scholars wrote these articles on different topics related to church history. These topics range from the History of Biblical Preaching to Creeds and Confession to the Bible and the Global Church.

If you have any regard to the constancy of your faith, to the comfort of your life, the honor of God, or the salvation of your own soul, labor immediately to get your belief of the Word better founded. Read the Scripture constantly, study it seriously, search it diligently, hear it explained and applied by others, meditate on it yourself, and beg of God an understanding of it and a right faith in it.”

John Owen

Get Wisdom from the Past with the ESV Church History Study Bible

What a treasure trove! The ESV Church History Study Bible is excellent for reading the Word of God alongside the voices of the past. Visit our store today and get wisdom from the rich history of the church!

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