Story of God Bible Commentary


Want to shake up your daily Bible reading? In this post, we’ve included an excerpt from the Story of God Bible Commentary on Philippians 1:12-18. We love this series because of its commitment to revealing the narrative of Scripture. Then, it always shows how it applies to our lives. We…

Team-Oriented Ministry

Ministry is not something that we do alone! Learn about team-oriented ministry from 1 Thessalonians. The content in this blog is taken directly from the Story of God Bible Commentary. Paul’s Team-Oriented Ministry Paul’s opening in his letter to the Thessalonians demonstrates something important about ministry. It is never done…

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Proverbs in Context

This article on reading Proverbs is originally from the Zondervan Academic blog. Reading Proverbs One of my seminary professors used to cheekily refer to common Christian devotional practices as our “daily bread crumb”. Meaning: we often take a verse or even part of a verse and spin out a comforting…

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