Understanding the Bible Commentary Series


Years ago, I heard a pithy little saying that stuck with me. It was attributed to John Bunyan, though he may never have said it. The saying goes like this, “Run, John, run, the law commands, but gives you neither feet nor hands. Better news the gospel brings: it bids…

what the bible says about money

The Bible says a LOT about money. Why? Wealth is necessary for survival. In order to eat, comfortably sleep, and stay healthy, you’ll need some form of currency. Wanting money is not wrong. But humans are certainly bad at desiring modest amounts, especially when it comes to money. God is…

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understanding the Bible commentary

The Understanding The Bible Commentary Series is a 36-volume commentary. It spans the entire Old Testament and New Testament. Each volume in the series breaks down the barriers between the ancient and modern worlds. So, the power and meaning of the biblical texts become transparent to contemporary readers. They present…

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