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Effortless Access to God's Word on the PC

Simple, But Powerful

The Olive Tree Bible App's versatility gives you all the tools without losing the beauty of God’s Word.

Customize your study to compare multiple translations, read Scripture and commentary side-by-side, or open the Bible in full-screen to immerse yourself in the Word without any distractions. A vast array of tools, options and customizable settings allow you to study in the way that works best for you.


Bring the Bible text to life right on your screen with amazing color.

The Olive Tree Bible App takes your scripture off the page with interactive tools. Open an atlas in split screen to follow in Paul’s footsteps as you read through his journeys in Acts. Find images and maps of the Holy Land that will help you see the Bible from a whole new perspective. It’s all just a click away.


Find, read and study your favorite resources. It’s quick and easy with our in-app and online store.

Installing the Olive Tree Bible App gives you access to over 100 free books as well as over a thousand other publications, including best-selling Bibles, devotionals & Bible study aids all available for purchase. Cross-referencing is simple with split-screen reading. Synchronize your commentary to follow along with you as you read your Bible and use tear-out windows to open multiple books at once. The Olive Tree Bible App is a great organizational tool for study, personal devotions, small groups, or sermon preparation.