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Boice Expositional Commentary Series: Psalms (3 volume set)

Boice Expositional Commentary Series: Psalms (3 volume set)

by James Montgomery Boice

Whether you're a serious Bible student probing through Psalm 19 or a first-time reader inspired by the promise of Psalm 23, this three-volume series on the book of Psalms explores each and every one of the psalms, uncovering deep reflections, wisdom for living, and verses of praise, confidence, and repentance. This expositional commentary bundle includes:… Read more…

Eternity Now: Encountering the Jesus of Revelation

Eternity Now: Encountering the Jesus of Revelation

by Peter Hiett and Peter Hiett

Pastor Peter Hiett hopes to reclaim the wonderful book of Revelation to show that it is not only about seven little churches in ancient Asia Minor or weird creatures and cataclysmic geothermal events in the distant future--it is about you NOW, and Jesus NOW, and the Kingdom come NOW.… Read more…


Gray's Commentary

by James M. Gray

Gray's Commentary is a clear and understandable overview of the Old and New Testaments complete in one volume. Designed to supplement reading of the Bible, this concise Bible commentary furnishes explanations and expositions, devotional insights, and spiritual guidance in an easy-to-use layout. Following each commentary section, inductive study questions p… Read more…

Hebrews: Faith That Endures

Hebrews: Faith That Endures

by J. Dwight Pentecost

While the details of our lives may differ from those of the people to whom the book of Hebrews was written, there are still some things that never change. We live in a hostile, unredeemed world, in an unredeemed body, and have an unredeemed nature within us. Because we belong to Christ, we are targets of the Enemy's attack. "The help the author of Heb… Read more…

Jewish New Testament Commentary

Jewish New Testament Commentary

by David Stern

This companion volume to the Jewish New Testament enhances Bible study. Passages and expressions are explained in their original cultural context, the way 1st century Jewish writers meant for them to be understood. Over fifteen years of research and study went into the JNTC to make the New Testament more meaningful. … Read more…


Preacher's Outline & Sermon Bible New Testament Set (14 Vols.)

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible is much more than a commentary – it’s a comprehensive resource for expository and topical preaching. Each volume organizes key points of Scripture passages in a systematic outline form, along with content synthesized from 200+ Bible commentaries, language sources, and reference works. The Preacher’s Outline… Read more…

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Robertson's Word Pictures

by A.T. Robertson

This illuminating resource travels through the New Testament, stopping to examine particular words and phrases in the Greek that reveal Biblical truths. A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures is not a formal commentary but rather reveals the "word pictures" of the Koine Greek. Robertson uses several methods to do this, including lexical and grammatical analysis, a… Read more…

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Unger's Commentary on the Gospels

by Merrill Unger

Unger’s Commentary on the Gospels is a brand new, never-published edition of the observations and teachings of Dr. Merrill Unger on the New Testament Gospels. Included in this volume is a book introduction for each of the four gospels and a thorough verse-by-verse commentary on this New Testament group of books. The constant thought on Unger’s mind… Read more…


Vincent's Word Studies

Vincent's Word Studies combine a verse-by-verse commentary and Greek lexicon in a clear, coherent format. This valuable resource brings out the richness and fullness of the precise Greek meaning, grammatical structure, history, derivation, and usage in a way that is accessible to the average English reader. For both sermons and personal study, Christia… Read more…


Vine's Topical Commentaries: Christ

by W. E. Vine

W. E. Vine's profound commentaries on the person and work of Christ in one volume. William Edwy Vine, author of the celebrated Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, was one of the great evangelical Bible scholars of the twentieth century. He brought to all his writings a level of exegetical care and precision that is rare in any age, ensuring his … Read more…

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Writings of John, The

Writings of John, The

by C. Marvin Pate

The Writings of John introduces students to the Gospel of John, the Johannine epistles, and Revelation, covering the texts themselves as well as issues of authorship, transmission, background, and interpretation. Books themselves receive paragraph-by-paragraph commentary, which includes applicable insight for the Christian life today. The writings of Joh… Read more…

A Walk with God: An Exposition of Luke

A Walk with God: An Exposition of Luke's Gospel

by R. C. Sproul

Are you at home in the Company of Jesus? In A Walk with God, respected theologian, R.C. Sproul helps us walk with Jesus as a friend through over 100 passages from the Gospel of Luke. Learning to live with Jesus at the center of our world is the secret to a meaningful life. Jesus is the pre-eminent character in history - even time is divided by his birt… Read more…

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