Fully God and fully man.

For over 30 years Jesus lived as a man, yet in the few years leading up to his death on a cross it became clear that he was no ordinary man. What man could do these type of things?

  • End a storm with his words
  • Multiply food
  • Heal those who couldn’t walk, see, or talk
  • Walk on water
  • Raise the dead

His miracles were always clues that this Jesus was more than a man.  Another astonishing clue to his divinity was that he was sinless. Tempted? Yes, but he had never given into that temptation. Sinless?! That fact alone seems to be impossible when we consider the world around us.

From the beginning of time until that moment on the cross there had never been one to die having lived a sinless life. And like some sort of science fiction movie, when Jesus breathed his last breath as man something unseen shattered. The power of the unseen so great that the physical world manifested it by way of sudden darkness and a trembling earth. At that moment the sacrifice made by a sinless man would forever change destiny.

The proof of this change? That’s what we celebrate today. All of Jesus followers initially had no idea what we know and celebrate today. Jesus, had actually won! Three days later they would find this out when the man they thought dead would appear – and in so doing confirm that he was no ordinary man. He is God who came near (Immanuel) to change the course of history. And it’s His Story that we celebrate today and our place in that story. So when we say ‘He is Risen’ it’s not just a statement of a past event but it’s declaration of a current reality.

He is risen means:

  • We are forgiven
  • Belonging to Jesus we are not bound by sin
  • Our today is part of our eternity with the creator God
  • Our identity is secure as his sons and daughters

The reality of his rising from the grave points to the Spirit by which he came, by which we’re saved, and by which we’re empowered today. After the cross and resurrection Jesus says to his followers,
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
Matthew 19-20

He is Risen!




  1. Actually, that citation is Matthew 28:19 and 20. Since that was the last command that Jesus gave to his followers on the earth why is it that no one is following it? Most leave it to a clergy class or expect someone else to do it. But there was no exception given in that command. All of Jesus is disciples were to go and make disciples. That’s what first century Christians did. How can one reconcile calling themselves a Christian and not do the work that the Christ commanded?

    • Agree on that I learned in Bible that they are called false prophets and they are from the devil their not God’s people and Jesus states watch out so they don’t trick us and make us fall from God and do not listen or associate cause just being around evil we will be in trance and fall from our Lord but just to pray for them and God can help them to him and God states we will see a lot of them they are the robbers amen

  2. Kenneth Boyd Reply

    I wish that all references to Jesus were capitalized.
    i.e. He , Him .

  3. Praise God that He did all that for me.
    Jesus could have died just to defeat satan and left it at that. But He shared that beautiful righteousness with me & you.


  4. A perfect summary of the person and work of Jesus Christ. His death,burial, resurrection and accession all point to the description, fully man and fully God. Indeed by His stripes we are healed.

  5. Alice Cruz Reply

    Yes! JESUS is alive. HE is risen! He conquered death…And because HE lives I can face tomorrow , my fear had gone. Praise the LORD!

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