How did you hear about the Olive Tree App? Maybe you saw an ad on Facebook, a blog from a Google search, or heard about it from a friend. No matter your personal journey with the app, you can be the reason why your closest friends press into the Word. When you share the Olive Tree App with your friends and family, they have the opportunity to start a reading plan and carry a library in their pocket, just like you!

Sharing our app is simpler than ever – here’s how you can do it!

share olive tree iOS

Share on iOS

If you have iOS 14 and above, you can press and hold the Olive Tree app icon. This brings up a menu with things you can do related to the app or the Home Screen. To share the app, simply tap “Share App” and you will have the option to send it to your friends via AirDrop, messaging apps, email, and social media.

share with the App Store

Within the App Store

You can also share the app by finding it in the App Store (just search “Olive Tree”). Just tap that blue box and arrow on the right. You can also do this on MacOS, but the share icon is a little smaller.

share the olive tree app on google play store

In the Google Play Store

If you have an Android, don’t worry! It’s very simple to share the Olive Tree app here as well. Find us in the Google Play Store and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Tap share and you can send it to your friends.

olive tree on windows

On Windows

If you’re a Windows user, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you! By now, you might be able to guess that all you have to do is find us in the Microsoft store and click “Share” next to those 5 beautiful stars.

It’s that easy!

If you enjoy using the Olive Tree App for studying the Word, reading commentaries, or listening to an audio-Bible, tell your friends! If you get enough of your friends together, you could even start your own Bible study! Don’t have the app downloaded yet? Today is your day!

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