The Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament is a vital publication for anybody looking to take their biblical understanding up a notch. Whether you are a pastor, professor, small group leader, or just an inquisitive mind, the EGGNT will provide you with an in-depth view of 14 New Testament books.

Oftentimes, it’s difficult to fully translate a thought from one written language to another. The EGGNT acts as a bridge, clarifying many ambiguities and empowering you to better internalize and communicate some of the New Testament’s foundational messages.

What’s Inside

At the top of each volume, the editors include important notes on biblical authorship, dates, purpose, structure, and additional recommended commentaries. This context helps you understand the situation that the authors, audiences, and key figures might be addressing or experiencing.

exegetical guide to the greek New Testament eggnt Colossians

Each book’s guide goes paragraph by paragraph, dissecting the Greek structure, phraseology, and key words. By taking the book one chunk at a time, K√∂stenberger and Yarbrough highlight the biblical authors’ lines of reasoning, repeated motifs, and structural substance.

exegetical guide to the greek New Testament structure

Next, the editors recommend additional resources for studying topics that are relevant to the paragraph. Finally, each section ends with homiletical (teaching) suggestions. While this last part is perfect for pastors and teachers creating a sermon, it has the added bonus of solidifying key applications from that paragraph.

exegetical guide to the greek new testament homiletical preaching suggestions

After every paragraph of the biblical text is thoroughly dissected, most volumes contain an English translation of the entire text followed by an extended paraphrase (similar to the Amplified Bible), which help fill many of the interpretive gaps. Every volume has a comprehensive exegetical outline and index of terms.

exegetical outline eggnt

Using the EGGNT in the App

You can read this title on its own or alongside the Bible. The editors recommend having a handy copy of the Greek New Testament (here are some of our favorites). If you want to know how to view two books side-by-side in the app, check out our article all about the resource guide.

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Elevate your library with the Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament!

Although biblical scholars have done amazing work translating Scripture into a multitude of languages, there is nothing quite like understanding the Word the same way the original audiences would have.

Get your copy of The Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament today! You can purchase a single volume or pick up the entire collection.

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