We are always on the lookout for titles that will help people read and study the Bible. We have had Greek Interlinears in our apps for some time and added our first Hebrew Interlinear recently. After we launched our Hebrew Interlinear, we took a step back and started to think about what else we could do with the Bible data we have. Our team went back and forth for a while and came up with the idea to create our very first Reverse Interlinear.

What is a Reverse Interlinear?

It would probably be helpful to start by defining what an interlinear is. An interlinear Bible lays out the original language of the Bible (Greek and Hebrew) alongside the translation of the Bible. In a traditional interlinear, you would see the Greek or Hebrew word with its corresponding translation. Although helpful, you still need to know something about Greek and Hebrew before using a traditional interlinear.

This is where the idea of a Reverse Interlinear comes in. Instead of beginning with the original language, a Reverse Interlinear begins with the translation and then gives the original language. However, you would still need some experience with the original language, so we have taken a step further. To make the resource accessible to everyone, we provide a transliteration of the original language. This way, you do not need to know how to read Greek to use this Bible study tool effectively.

Here is a look at some of the features of our first Reverse Interlinear:

Like our interlinear Bibles, our app displays the text in an interlinear format with the English translation and the transliterated word right below it.

NKJV reverse interlinear

Interlinear Bibles with Strong’s Tagging

We tagged the Bible translation with Strong’s numbers. Tap on a word to get more details of that word. As a bonus, the parsings and parsing code are also included.

nkjv reverse interlinear strongs

Scroll down in the pop-up window to see the Strong’s definition of that word.

nkjv reverse interlinear Strongs definition

Search for Words

Once you have tapped on a word, you will see the parsing information, Strong’s information, and two boxes – Search and Lookup. Tap Search and the app will bring up a list of results for that word:

nkjv reverse interlinear strongs search

Get to your Dictionaries Quickly

You can also tap “Lookup” to find content in the dictionaries you already have downloaded to your device. This list contains dictionaries that have more information on the selected word:

nkjv reverse interlinear dictionary article


NKJV Reverse Interlinear

Visit our store website to find the NKJV Reverse Interlinear New Testament and start using it today!

Want to see this tool in action? See our other post here.


  1. Carl Gibbard Reply

    NKJ Reverse Interlinear: this looks like a very useful resource indeed. I am learning Greek and would find it much more useful having the actual Greek word beneath the NKJ text rather than transliterated text. The reason being is that whist reading the NKJ text I can identify the actual Greek word and it’s meaning at a glance. Does this resource switch between transliterated and Greek text, or, is there a Greek text version in the making? Well done with this version though.
    Thank you.

  2. When will the entire NKJV Reverse Interlinear be available, or is there plans for that? Logos has it, but I have years of using your platform and lots of Olive Tree resources, so I don’t really want to move to another platform. I am very interested in the Reverse Interlinear, so if I purchase the currently available NT do I get a discount when the entire Reverse Interlinear is put on your platform?

    • Monty Galloway Reply

      Hi Dwayne,

      We do not have a timeframe as to when the Old Testament of the Reverse Interlinear will be available. It is something we are considering, but it is not currently in development. Yes, if you purchase the NKJV Reverse Interlinear New Testament, there will be a special upgrade price to the full NKJV Reverse Interlinear when we are able to release it for our apps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  3. Love this! Any plans in the works to have the reverse Interlinear for the ESV translation?

    • Monty Galloway Reply

      Hi Frank,
      Yes, we will be working on the ESV Reverse Interlinear next. Then we will work on other translations as we can.

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