With Valentine’s Day a few days away, love seems to be on everyone’s mind. While dates, flowers, and candy, are nice, there is also the need to connect on a spiritual level. Christian couples ought to be investing in each other’s spiritual well-being just as much. Reading the Bible together is one way to cultivate this kind of intimacy! A resource like the Love Languages Devotional Bible is a great tool for making it happen.

Bible and Devotional in One

The Love Languages Devotional Bible is truly an all-in-one resource. Unlike most study Bibles that come with separated text and notes, we kept everything together. There was just too much good, integrated information!

This Bible is to be used daily with your spouse. As you read from Genesis to Revelation, you will encounter 312 devotions to help you engage and apply the Bible. There is a devotion for each weekday. It includes a Bible reference and biblical insights, as well as prayer and reflection prompts. Each weekend contains a short Bible study that can be completed individually or as a couple.

Love Languages Devotional

There are a few ways to access the devotional material in this Bible. One way is to tap on links to the day’s devotion inside the Bible. It looks like this:

Love Languages Devotional 2

The second way is to use the menu. Make sure you are in List View, then open the list of devotional readings and choose your current day.

Love Languages Devotional 3
Love Languages Devotional 4

Additional Readings and Articles

There are no one-size-fits-all answers to questions about topics like communication, sex, friendship, and free time. That is why the Love Languages Devotional Bible also includes articles that provide context to talk about those differences together.

Love Languages Devotional 5

There are a couple month-long Bible reading plans. They can help you in your understanding of who God is and grow in your faith. If you’re not quite ready to jump into devotions and longer Bible reading, these are a simpler way to start reading with your spouse.

Topical Index

Finally, the Love Languages Devotional Bible also includes a topical index. This section is designed to help you find information about more than 100 relationship-oriented themes. It’s a great resource that will link you to both Bible verses and articles related to whatever topic you’re exploring. If you want to study what the Bible says on a specific subject, this is the place to start.

Love Languages Devotional 6

Enhance Your Marriage

There are so many different ways to use this Bible. You can read it individually or set aside a time to read it together. If you can’t always find the time to read as a couple, that’s okay! The important thing is that the two of you are reading the Bible, talking about your relationship, and learning to love one another more deeply.

Whether your relationship is healthy or struggling, spending time with God and communicating meaningfully will greatly enhance your marriage.

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