Many of the Puritans believed a preacher had to saturate himself with Scripture and apply it before he could preach it to others. With such sound advice, how do we move forward? This is where a resource like this is handy; it helps preachers and teachers understand their passage while providing applicable truths and illustrations. Let’s look inside The Preacher’s Commentary Series and see how it works in our app.

Study Center

The Preacher’s Commentary Series is built to work hand-in-hand with the Study Center. As you read the Bible, the Study Center follows along. It gives an overview of resources in your library with related content. In the screenshot below you can see this in action.

Let’s open to the armor of God in Ephesians 6. The Resource Guide helps us quickly see what this commentary says. We don’t have to find it in the library and manually open it. Not only does this save time, but it saves us from the pain of searching, too!

Open the commentary in the Parallel tab if you want the commentary scroll along as you scroll through the Bible text.

Preachers Commentary armor of God

The Commentary

One characteristic I appreciate in the Preacher’s Commentary is that it reads like a devotional. Instead of getting bogged down in the nuances of the text, the commentary keeps an eye on explaining what matters. This means you don’t waste time skimming through pages of endless commentary to find the nuggets you came for. For example, in the commentary on Ephesians 6:10-20, the text is explained with a great illustration that immediately supplies application. You then get descriptions for each piece of armor and its relevance to the Christian life.

Preachers Commentary

The Preacher’s Commentary relies on the New King James Version for its text because of the underlying Hebrew and Greek textual basis and beautiful language that flows from the KJV. Then each passage is responded to with fresh exposition.

preachers Commentary outline

Also, this resource comes with some amazing outlines. We’ve hyperlinked them so you can quickly navigate to any passage you want.

If you tap on the title of the section, you’ll be taken to the section. But, if you tap the verse reference, a pop-up window will appear with the Bible text.

Use The Preacher’s Commentary Series Today

the preacher's commentary series

The Preacher’s Commentary Series is a perfect companion for anyone looking to share deep insights and applications to their listeners.


  1. D Burgess

    i have the preachers commentary how do I set it up so that I have the notes on the side like it is shown ex: the whole Armor of God picture