Are you looking for a commentary series that engages “in the task of biblical interpretation and theological reflection from the perspective of the global church”? Then look no further than the New Covenant Commentary Series! We’ve recently released the New Covenant Commentary Series for our app and would like to share some of its features with you. But first, let’s see what the editors of the series, Michael Bird and Craig Keener, have to say about it.

Introduction to the Series

Michael Bird & Craig Keener, Series Editors

Distinguishing Features and Purpose

Let’s dig a little deeper into this series to see what it’s all about. Here’s a brief description of the unique features of the New Covenant Commentary Series from the series preface:

  1. The contributors come from a diverse array of backgrounds in regards to their Christian denominations and countries of origin.
  2. The volumes in this series are not verse-by-verse commentaries, but they focus on larger units of text in order to explicate and interpret the story in the text as opposed to some often atomistic approaches.
  3. A further aim of these volumes is to provide an occasion for authors to reflect on how the New Testament impacts the life, faith, ministry, and witness of the New Covenant Community today.

Table of Contents and Outlines

Each of the volumes in this series include either a table of contents or an outline of the biblical book (some include both). The below example from Kim Huat Tan’s volume on Mark provides an excellent example of the topics addressed throughout his comments on the text.

Clear Exposition

As the editors’ stated in the introductory video above, the New Covenant Commentary Series is an intermediate level commentary. A quick glance at the bibliographies in these volumes show that the authors interact with evangelical scholarship, but these are not written at the scholarly level. This makes each volume informed and yet, readable.

Translation and Commentary

You can easily read these volumes alongside any translation in your Olive Tree Library by using the split-screen feature. Also, some of these volumes include a translation of the text above the commentary by the author. As always, if you’re just reading the commentary in the main window, you can read the Scripture text in a popup window with a simple tap.

Fusing the Horizons

A unique feature of the New Covenant Commentary Series is the fusing the horizons and forming the community sections. The authors in these sections attempt to show community formation, “how the text shapes the mission and character of the believing community,” or ministerial formation, “how the text shapes the ministry of Christian leaders.”

Available Volumes

The ultimate endeavor of this series is noteworthy and one that we can all support. “It is hoped that these volumes will represent serious engagements with the New Testament writings, done in the context of faith, in service of the church, and for the glorification of God.” Amen.

Get the New Covenant Commentary Series!

This looks like a great resource now available for the first time in the Olive Tree Bible App! The New Covenant Commentary Series provides meaningful and transformational interpretations and applications of the biblical text. Visit our store through the link below to purchase this new series for your Olive Tree Library!

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