Looking for a quality, well-respected commentary? We offer the New American Commentary Old & New Testament Set with a whopping 42 volumes. You can visit the product page here to see all of the volumes included.

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The New American Commentary collects the best in contemporary evangelical scholarship in a series that examines the entire Bible in depth. Currently, it offers 17 volumes of commentary on the New Testament and 25 volumes of commentary on the Old Testament.

It based on the NIV Bible text and provides verse-by-verse analysis. Additionally, it is considered to be a mid-level commentary. It reflects comprehensive biblical research in the original languages of the Bible. However, it also avoids using overly-technical language. That way, you don’t have to have a seminary background in order to understand.

The New American Commentary consistently supports the inerrancy of Scripture and contributing scholars all hold explicit commitments to Scripture’s infallibility. Its distinctive perspective is a focus on the theological ideas springing from Scripture.

Along with the textual grounding of an expository commentary, the New American Commentary also focuses on the broader strokes of theology developed by each book. Additionally, it interprets each book as a theological unity. Rooted in conservative theology, this resource also directly engages a wide range of theological and exegetical issues raised by contemporary biblical scholarship.


Every book comes with an outline and book introductions. You can easily navigate through the commentary set with the List View of our toolbar navigation.

New American Commentary table of contents

You can read the commentary in the main window and open Scripture references and footnotes in a helpful pop-up window.

NAC pop up Scripture

And as you are reading the Bible, the resource guide will let you know if the NAC has an article on the passage you are reading. All you’ll need to do tap, and it will open, following along with wherever you are in the main window.

If a verse in a different section is referenced in the commentary, you can still open a pop-up window to read it.

New American Commentary parallel view


New American Commentary

If you want to learn more about the New American Commentary or see if it’s on sale, head on over to our website.


  1. Jerry Foster

    Last month I purchased the NAC OT (23 vol) and NT (15 vol) sets. How do I get the four new volumes? Do I have to purchase them separately, or will my existing set be updated? Thanks.

    • Kevin Purcell

      It looks like there’s a $99 update fron the previous version. I went to the store and added the set to my cart and it says $99 special upgrade price.

      • Jerry Foster

        That can’t be right. Individual volumes are $14-$18, meaning if I bought them one by one, it would cost me $64.

        I actually think the $99 price is for the whole thing. At least that is what appears when I put the 42-volume set it in my cart.

        • Cierra Klatt

          Hey, Jerry! I actually helped someone with this same issue yesterday. If you’ve purchased both sets, but the OT and NT at different times, then the price you see may not be correct. Could you please email support@olivetree.com? Let them know which volumes you own and to verify the upgrade price. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!

    • Cierra Klatt

      This update contains four new volumes. You don’t have to upgrade, but if you want to, you will receive special pricing since you already own the rest of the NAC.

  2. $99 is steep to upgrade only 4 books. Buying them individually is between $14 and $18 a volume. The upgrade pricing is $25 a volume. Not a very enticing upgrade…

    • Cierra Klatt

      Hey, Jack! If you look at my comment above, you’ll see what I’m about to say, but… our upgrade system doesn’t always recognize when the OT and NT sets are bought separately. When you look at the new 42 vol product, it searches for the 38 vol in your library. If you do own all 38 vol, please contact support@olivetree.com and they will verify this, providing you with the correct discount.

      • I do own the full 38 set (not separate NT and OT sets). I will contact support.

      • Support fixed it and I upgraded from the 38 to the 42 volume set. Thanks, Olive Tree!

  3. Nathaniel Sy


    A few weeks earlier I bought the NAC OT SET which was offered at a special discounted price of $99.99 for 23 Volumes only. I contacted OliveTree support and asked them why it does not include Isaiah 40-66 but other platforms do [e.g. Logos]. They told me that they were working on with the complete NAC Set such that when they release it again in the future with a special price it would already include the supposed missing volumes.

    I was surprised that they released the whole set after a few weeks at a price of $199.99! I quickly inquired as to how I could get all the volumes even if I already have the NAC OT Set and that if they would allow to give me a special rate. But, when I tried adding the complete set on my cart it registered an upgrade price of $99.99 in which if I would purchase it it would include the whole NAC NT Set and the missing volumes of the NAC OT Set I recently purchased.

    So, I was elated and went with the upgrade offer. I think this upgrade deal is perfect for those who have purchased either the NAC OT SET or the NAC NT Set separately previously.

    • Cierra Klatt

      So glad you’re enjoying the NAC, Nathaniel!

  4. I too bought the Old Testament set for $99 when it was on sale previously. I added the FULL SET (42) just now and the price is $174.99. Is this correct? Just curious.