Here’s an Olive Tree review of the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible Commentary Set (POSB). It’s as in-depth as it sounds. It is practical, comprehensive, and down-right useful. In this post, we are sharing an excerpt with you, along with an inside look at its key features.

Commentary from the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible Commentary Set

The best way to know if a commentary series is right for you is to read it! Since we aren’t a pick it up off the shelf kind of business, we pasted an excerpt here for you.

Below is an introductory section on Numbers 15:1-25:18. Before this section, there is an even higher-up view of the Numbers terrain. Following it, there are sections that go more in-depth. The POSB series is one of the most organized commentaries we’ve seen!

Excerpt: Being Prepared for the Promised Land

Assurance is a wonderful thing. If a person feels assured, he walks with confidence throughout life, conquering the problems and difficulties, the trials and temptations of life. He is victorious over all the pitfalls and enemies of life. This is what makes assurance so important. Assurance makes us confident, confident that we can conquer all.

But note: this kind of assurance—this confidence—comes only from God.

Without God, we know that no matter how strong we are, disease or accident and eventually death will take us to the grave. Only God can conquer death, and only God can give us the perfect assurance to conquer all the pitfalls and enemies of life. Once a person genuinely comes to God through Jesus Christ, God saves that person and places His precious Holy Spirit within the new believer. The Holy Spirit gives the believer whatever assurance and confidence is needed to walk triumphantly throughout life. Moreover, the Spirit of God assures the believer of the promised land, of living forever in the presence of God.

This is the subject of the present passage.

The Israelites had just committed the gross, terrible sin of unbelief and apostasy against God. (See outlines and notes—Nu. 13:1-14:45 for more discussion.) They even elected a new leader to replace God’s servant Moses and were about to kill the four godly leaders: Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb. The people had gone too far, beyond repentance, beyond ever following God with a heart of true belief and righteousness. God knew this; consequently, He had to step in and judge the Israelites.

This He did: the people were barred from entering the promised land. They were to die out in the desert or wilderness—wandering about for a total of 40 years until all the adults twenty years old or older had died. Only the children under twenty years old would be allowed to enter the promised land. The people were, of course, discouraged. They sensed defeat, failure, and some sorrow for their sin.

But into the midst of their discouragement and loss of heart God came.

God filled their hearts with His grace, assuring them that their children would enter the promised land. The land would be their inheritance, the inheritance of the children.

How could God take a people so gripped with a spirit of despondency and raise their spirits, lifting them as high as the eagle soars? How could God place a deep-seated assurance within the hearts of His people, an assurance so strong that they could go on living and rearing their children—in order that their children might have a better life than the poor life they were having to live?

God did one simple but powerful thing.

He gave them several major laws that were to govern the children after they entered the land. It was to be about 40 years before the children would ever need some of these laws. But the day was coming when they would be needed, the day when the children would enter the promised land. Therefore, the adults were to teach these laws to their children. Hereafter, their task as adults was to focus almost entirely upon their children: to prepare their children to enter the promised land.

This is the subject of this passage of Scripture: Event 1—God Gave Various Laws to Help Govern His People: Being Reassured and Prepared for the Promised Land, 15:1-41.

  1. The law governing special Grain and Drink Offerings: a symbol of dedication and of thanking God for Christ’s sacrifice (vv. 1-16).
  2. The law governing the firstfruits: a picture of tithes and offerings (vv. 17-21).
  3. The law governing forgiveness for unintentional sin (vv. 22-29).
  4. The law governing deliberate, defiant, brazen sin—sin that dares to presume upon God (vv. 30-36).
  5. The law instructing the believer to wear tassels on the hem of his clothing—attached with a blue cord: pictures the need to live a holy, godly life (vv. 37-41).

What Happens Next?

POSB Preachers outline and sermon bible commentary notes

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible Commentary goes very much in-depth. The above excerpt is an overview of a major section. Each of the five points made at the end of the summary are subsequently expounded on. This is a lot of info.

Not only is it a lot of info, it is a lot of organized info—our favorite!

If you have any doubts about how organized this information is, look at these outlines.

Review Preacher's Outline & Sermon Bible Commentary

POSB Outlines

Give that image a click or tap to get a good look. Do you see the level of detail this goes to!? They went six levels deep… and they even mention that the grain offering was 2 qts. of flour mixed with 1 qt. of oil… and why.

If you want the best outlines, get these. They cover the entire Bible.

POSB Review Master Subject Index

POSB Review: Using the Master Subject Index

When using the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible Commentary for the Olive Tree Bible App, you’ll receive three resources. You’ll get the commentary and outlines as separate books, accessible in your library. And you’ll also get the Master Subject Index.

Essentially, this is a topical Bible with outlines developed for every subject. And if you are trying to write a sermon, here you’ll find great references.

For instance, you want to talk about abiding this upcoming Sunday. In this list, you have quick access to information on:

  • The Condition for Salvation: Belief and Abiding
  • The Duty of Abiding
  • The Meaning of Abiding
  • The Proof that One Abides in God and Christ
  • The Results of Abiding
  • The Source of Abiding
  • Things That Are to Abide

Tap the verse reference to easily read the commentary and application points surrounding the topic, along with the Scripture.


If this review of the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible Commentary Series interested you, head on over to our website to see the POSB product page.

There you can watch a video, learn more about this resource, and add it to your Olive Tree library.

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    This is a very expensive investment for a preacher. Before I invested this kind of money, I would have to see additional excerpts that would help tell me the theological orientation of the contributors. Specifically Genesis one, Daniel nine, Matthew five and twenty-four, Revelation twenty. Without these at the bare minimum, I would never invest this kind of money.