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In Galatians 5:16–25, Paul contrasts the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. He does so in order to encourage the churches in Galatia to “walk in the Spirit.” The basis of his appeal is the new life they have in Christ by the Spirit (v. 25).…

between old and new testament

Have you ever wondered what separated the Old and New Testaments? Why isn’t there just one testament? Maybe you’ve heard that, during this Intertestamental Period, God was silent. If you have more questions than answers, you’re in the right place! The period between Malachi and Matthew is full of history…

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This content on parallelism and poetry in the Bible is from the Believer’s Bible Commentary. WHAT IS PARALLELISM? Bible poetry’s greatest technique is not to rhyme sounds, as in much English poetry, but to “rhyme” ideas—that is, to put two or more lines together that somehow match each other. We…

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