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Bible Study Tips from Olive Tree

Whether you’ve been a Christian for days or decades, you’re never done learning. You’re never done needing Bible study tips.

The Bible is a majorly complicated historical, cultural, and spiritual resource. Then, it covers not only history, but poetry and narrative as well. Lastly, even if you really think you’ve got a good grip on all things Bible—hang on tight. The Bible is alive and God, who we can never fully understand, is always leading you to learn new things.

All that to say… there may be tips you’ve heard of before. There may be tips you have never considered. We hope you’ll find a something today that teaches you new truths about Jesus and his love.

engaging studying scripture

Studying Scripture can feel like you’re engaging with it. You’re reading and re-reading, following trails of cross-references, and completing word studies left and right. Maybe you’ve even read from one, two, or ten different academic resources. You’ve engaged with the text more than you ever have! But what if studying…

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Jesus Barabbas or Jesus Messiah?

We’ve all experienced an eye-opening moment while reading the Bible. You’re skimming over a familiar passage and WHAM! What’s this? Something new!? It’s wild how this still happens with a book that is thousands of years old. And yet, you can probably find something fresh in these two short verses…

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We’ve put together a Bible study series on James for you! Going chapter by chapter, you can get some new ideas about Bible study, learn how to use new tools, and gain new insights on the book of James. In the first post, we completed a character study on James.…

Character Study James

James is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I’ve read through it many times, heard it preached, studied it verse-by-verse, wrote a devotional commentary on it, and more. There is so much to explore and learn in this short letter. So, I’m excited that we’re exploring James’ epistle…

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How to Read a Parable

In Matthew 13:10, the disciples asked Jesus a question most of us have wondered: “Why do you speak to the people in parables?” About one-third of Jesus’ teachings are in parables, making it his most preferred method of conveying his message. But have you ever read a parable and wondered…

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Need to add some pep to your Bible study? Here are 7 different step-by-step Bible study methods you can easily do on your own. We took these methods straight out of the Open Bible Study Notes (KJV and NJKV version!). They are a sure-fire way to get your study of…