While fluency in Hebrew or Greek will remain out of reach for most of us, we can still use tools to help us better learn and understand the words God inspired. One of these tools is Strong’s Tagged Bibles. We’ve taken the time to add an exhaustive concordance and dictionary database to Bibles so you can easily access this information by just tapping on a word. Keep reading to see how Strong’s Tagged Bibles can help you understand the words God inspired.

An Exhaustive Concordance at Your Fingertips

A concordance is basically an alphabetical listing of words in a certain text. Most concordances are not exhaustive. This means that they don’t list every word in the given text. If you look at the back of your print Bible, odds are that you’ll have a concordance that lists a group of words and Scripture references. For example, my ESV Classic Reference Bible lists more than 3,000 words and their respective Scripture references. One of the most well-known and used Bible concordances is a Strong’s Concordance. This is the concordance system Olive Tree used to develop our Strong’s Tagged Bibles. There are two benefits to Olive Tree’s use of this system.

The first benefit is that Olive Tree tagged the underlying word in the original languages. In other words, the concordance is not linked to the translation but to the Hebrew or Greek words upon which the English translation is based. This allows you to see, search, and lookup words in the original languages no matter how they’re translated in English.

The second benefit is that the concordance database Olive Tree used is exhaustive. This means that every word in the original languages is tagged. We’ve even differentiated between tagged words and the words added into the English translations by making them a different shade of font. You can totally customize the font color in the app to suit your preferences too!

When you tap on a tagged word, in a popup window you’ll see the underlying Hebrew or Greek word, the Strong’s number, and a dictionary definition. Let’s look at that next.

An Enhanced Dictionary at Your Fingertips

Anyone who reads or studies the Bible knows that we not only have to know the words of Scripture, but we also must know what those words mean. So, in the pursuit of learning and understanding God’s inspired word, a dictionary is essential. Olive Tree has your back in this. Not only have we tagged every word in the Bible, but we also provide you with a dictionary to understand what these words mean.  

Once the popup window opens after tapping on a tagged word, Olive Tree’s Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary provides you with every possible meaning of the underlying Greek or Hebrew word. We provide the number of times this word is used in the text and how it’s translated in the Authorized Version. Then we provide the dictionary definition, so you know what the word could possibly mean depending on its context. You’ll have to do the work of figuring out what the word means in context, but at least the information is there for you to do that!

We’ve pretty much covered the basics above, but there’s even more information for those who want to get their geek on. We provide links via the Strong’s number to the individual words for compound words and also words with related roots. And we even include the number of times each word is translated each way the translators choose to translate it! This is one of those features that can help you see the different nuances of the biblical words. It also shows what you’re missing if you only have access to the English translation.

Don’t Forget Search and Lookup!

There’s much more that we could say about the benefits of Strong’s Tagged Bibles. But let’s leave you with two more demonstrations to convince you of the benefits of Strong’s Tagged Bibles. When you tap on a word, you’ll notice two options at the bottom of the popup window. You can Search for the word by its Strong’s number or Lookup the word in its original language. Lookup will search the lexicons and dictionaries in your library for any other entries for that word.

If you select Search, you’ll search the entire Bible for every occurrence of the Hebrew or Greek word associated with that Strong’s number. All the Scripture verses with that word will be listed! And that word will even be highlighted no matter how it’s translated in English. If you’re into exhaustive word studies, then this tool is a must-have!

Check Out Olive Tree Strong’s Tagged Bibles

These are some of the best resources money can buy. They save you time and giving you access to the God-inspired words of Scripture without any formal training. Here are some of our favorite Strong’s Tagged Bibles.

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