We don’t normally think of study as something fun. But here at Olive Tree we’re committed to providing you with an awesome experience of studying the Bible. With the best resources available and a user-friendly customizable app, Bible study is fun (along with edifying, transformative, encouraging, etc.). Here’s a look at some features and products of our app that make studying the Bible fun.

App Features

There are a number of ways to personalize the Olive Tree Bible App. We’ve located these features in the settings menu, which you can access by tapping the gear symbol at the top of your screen. Adjust the font size, lighting theme, and default font.

Advanced settings will give you a number of options to customize the appearance of the app, which resources are visible, and the color scheme of your choice. The color scheme is particularly fun as you can pick the color of the background, text, footnotes, words of Jesus, and a lot more.

Notes and Highlights

Once you’ve customized the appearance of the app, you can personalize it even more by highlighting verses with different colors and adding your own notes.

Furthermore, you can tag your notes and add an icon that depicts the type of note that it is.

Bible Study Products

Now that you have the Olive Tree Bible App customized to suit your preferences, let’s look at some tools you can use to make Bible study fun.

Study Bibles

Study Bibles have been around for a long time, ever since the Geneva Bible. But there’s nothing quite like using a study Bible in the Olive Tree Bible App. We’ve even recently updated our in-app study Bible experience to better simulate a print study Bible.

Now, as you scroll or select a passage in the verse chooser, the study Bible you’ve opened will automatically stay synced in the Parallel Tab in the Study Center.

The study Bible will stay open and synced in the Parallel tab. Now you can still look through your resources and topics in the Resource Guide. You can easily navigate to maps, articles, outlines, introductions, and commentary notes. The notes and highlighting features demonstrated above work for the resources opened in the Study Center too!

Cross-References and Topical Guides

Two of our favorite resources for studying the Bible are Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads and Cross References Expanded Set. When opened in the Resource Guide under the commentaries heading, Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads will show you topics and verse references for the passage opened in the main window.

Just tap on a topic and you’ll see all the verses associated with that topic plus other related topics. Here’s what happened when I tapped on Genesis 15:6 and the topic of faith. Notice that the verses are in canonical order.

The Olive Tree Cross Reference Expanded resource provides similar information, highlighting the most significant cross references in bold.


The use of a Bible commentary can help fill in some of the gaps in your understanding of Scripture. Here’s a look at the two-volume Bible Knowledge Commentary. Commentaries are easily accessed in the Resource Guide of the Study Center. They can be synced with the main window to more easily follow along with the Bible passage!

The customizable appearance or our app, along with its features and resources can definitely make your study of God’s Word a fun experience. Join the Olive Tree community by downloading our Bible App for free. Then customize it to your preferences, and start studying God’s Word today!

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