ESV Archaeology Study Bible


If you’re like me, you hear the word “archaeology” and you primarily think of Indiana Jones. Then, if you toss the word “study” next to it, you know it will be nothing like Indiana Jones. Instead, you get a mental image of a lot of dirt being pushed around with…

Return to the World of the Bible

Studying archaeology can help us return to the world of the Bible. Read this short article from author and archaeologist David Chapman to find out how. TANGIBLE REALITES One of the benefits to reading the Bible is to understand the culture behind the text. For example, when I am reading…

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Rome Prison Paul

In the New Testament, we hear a lot about Christians being imprisoned—especially Paul. In fact, he wrote his letter to the Philippians while in a Roman prison! We’ve gathered information from the ESV Archaeology Study Bible for you to learn more about Roman jails were like. PAUL WRITING THE PHILIPPIANS…

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