Pillar New Testament Commentary


The church in Thessalonica faced a crisis of faith, which has generally been reconstructed as being precipitated by the interaction between their existing teaching on death and the reality of losing beloved church members. Therefore, Paul saw fit to provide encouragement through proper teaching to the church. Interestingly, Paul uses…

Matthew 1:1

“The book of the story of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” — Matthew 1:1 Within the first verse of Matthew, there are FIVE hints to Jesus being the Messiah. Leon Morris wrote the Pillar New Testament Commentary’s Matthew Volume, and he did a great job…

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difference between study Bible and commentary

Have you ever nodded along to someone talking, even though you had no idea what they were saying? I often feel like I’m doing a mental head-nod when I’m scrolling through all the products Olive Tree offers. As an employee, you’d think I would understand all the different Bible study…

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