The Moody Bible Commentary


Maybe you’ve heard 2 Chronicles 7:14 before. The concept of “repenting” can feel vague, but the Bible has this verse to take out some of the guesswork. Of course, we can’t just take a verse out of context, but the principles outlined are transferrable after some care. To aid our…

best bible study books

So you want a Bible education without the classroom, tuition, and fees. No problem! We’ve got a list of 10 great books to kick off your personal, but in-depth, study. 1) The Moody Bible Commentary This single-volume commentary is perfect for the beginner Bible student. It is exclusively composed by…

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Moody Bible Commentary

Commentaries are a dime a dozen these days. Bible students have no shortage of commentaries to choose from. Yet, finding a good single volume Bible commentary can still prove difficult. So, when a respected name in scholarship throws their hat in the ring it’s worth taking notice. This is exactly…

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