Truest Thing About YouThere are many true things about you. You may be a student. You may be a mom. Perhaps you love someone of the opposite sex or the same sex. Or maybe you make music or lattes. Life may be incredibly difficult, or you may feel like you’re living the dream. These things may be true—but are they the truest thing about you?


Fried chicken is food, true, and so is a kale salad. But Jesus declared that He is the truest food. See, other things may have the appearance of being able to satisfy the deep needs of our bodies and even our souls, but Jesus declares that He is even truer food and truer drink.

So even among truths, there are true things and there are truer things.

Jesus wants to get to the truer things, the things so deeply true about you that they have the power to change everything else, including the merely true things.


What if the truest thing about you can cause you to reimagine your entire life? What if the truest thing about you can drown out all the noise and speak the words that you’ve waited for your whole life?

Or what the Gospel demands we ask is this: what does God say is the truest thing about us?

We aren’t always comfortable asking that question, and sometimes we only pretend to ask it. We give an answer we think we ought to give, an answer that identifies us as one of the good kids or a good Christian or a good citizen. Those answers are too easy. They’re cheap. All our lives we’ve been trained to answer that question in particular ways for particular people.


We define ourselves differently to different people. I’m a good worker, a good parent, I’m a failure, I’m beautiful, I’m hideous, I’m loved, I’m not.

And maybe you answer it differently when you’re by yourself, when you ask it of yourself. Dancing alone, driving alone, sitting at a cafe alone, tapping snooze on your alarm for the seventh time, the tenth time, because there isn’t one single reason you can come up with for getting out of bed on a sunny Saturday.

You answer it differently every time because you feel different every time you’re asked. A different person with every shifting truth.

Here’s the problem: you’re clinging to true things about yourself that simply aren’t. You’re elevating things that are merely true—or half-true, or true some days but not others—to the level of “truest.” I know you’re doing this—because I do it too. We all do. It’s the human condition. But what is the truest thing about you?


Be clear: many destructive things we believe are very much true! We do fail, we did lose the money, we aren’t as beautiful, we were abused.

The problem is that we have pushed many of these merely true things down to the most fundamental layer of who we are and in so doing have built our whole lives and identities on them.

These things can be true, but we need to discover that they are not, and never will be, the truest thing.


David Lomas is the Lead Pastor at Reality/SF and the author of the book The Truest Thing About You (David C. Cook). You can follow him on Twitter @davidlomas


  1. WOW, I mean, really WOW!

    This is one of the most obvious, yet most wonderfully awakening things I’ve read in a long time.

    Talk about perspective.

    Thank you!

  2. Truth is an absolute, what is not true is false; there is no scale of measurement between the two, thus saying one thing is truer than another thing is nonsensical. One truth however may be or have more importance than another truth to one’s interest or well being. Jesus is the way the truth and the life; also true is that the devil is thee father of lies (Jn 8:44).

    There is no such thing in reality as shifting truth. Abandon the absoluteness of that fact, and Jesus the Christ who “is the same yesterday and today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8) becomes only truer for those who would have life, and have it abundantly (Jn 10:10); but not condemning for those who reject His truth for their own “truth”.

  3. Shirley Haley Reply

    😉 thank you! For years I was so lost. Childhood pain mixed w religious confusion left me in darkness and confusion. When I once watched a movie …one titled The One True Thing, I remember thinking that title is so ill used for this flick. My inner soul knew , but my worldly self knew not. After I found my way to the cross again I fully understand who and what really is The One True Thing. Jesus! Through the fire I’ve come and now I know. But, I never thought about the truest me!! He lives! That is the truest part of me! Thank you for your leading. 🙂

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