The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) is the best known set of cross-references. This widely used collection of 500,000 Scripture references can help you make innumerable connections across the Bible. But unlike print versions, which contains lists of related Bible verses, the TSK is interactive in the Olive Tree Bible App. It will change the way you relate to the Bible!

How the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Will Change the Way You Engage Scripture

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is best used in the Resource Guide. So, while you’re reading your preferred translation in the main window, open up the Study Center. Make sure you have it open to the Resource Guide tab.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Under ‘Related Verses’ you’ll see books you own that have applicable cross references for the passage you’re reading. For example, in the above screenshot the TSK appears under ‘Related Verses’. There are 25 cross-references related to Titus 1:5-10!

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Olive Tree

Then, selecting the TSK will show you the references like you see above. They are organized by topic and verse, making it easy to do further study on the particular themes.

Next tap the reference in the TSK to view each related verse in a pop-up window. This is a super convenient option if you’re wanting to quickly look over references to gain clarity on the main passage you’re reading. But, if you’re looking to do more in-depth study, tapping the arrow icon in the top-right will open the passage in the split-window.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 2

Start Studying the Word with TSK

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

We love the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) for it’s in-depth cross-references… and just how easy it is to read them. No more flipping through your Bible, using your fingers to hold your spot in the text. Instead, make your Bible study easier. Add the TSK to your Olive Tree account today.

What are some ways that you’ve utilized the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) to deepen your Bible Study?

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