The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) cover the events during Jesus’ life. Each have a unique perspective and storyline. Yet, they do share many of the same accounts and their unique stories fit into a cohesive chronological order. However, it is incredibly difficult to keep all these differences and similarities in mind while reading. So, we created Gospel harmonies for use in the Olive Tree Bible App.

Gospel harmonies combine the four Gospel books in chronological order. If two or more books share the same story, they will be listed side-by-side. Gospel harmonies make piecing together the details of the Gospels easier than ever.

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Gospel Harmonies: Four Accounts at Once

Jesus goes to Pilate in Matthew 27:2, Mark 15:1, Luke 23:1, and John 18:28. With the Gospel Harmony open, you can read all the interactions between Jesus and Pilate. Peek at the screenshot below to see this in action.

Jesus before pilate gospel harmonies

The unique layout defaults to scrolling (instead of swiping) for a better viewing experience. On a larger device, like a tablet, you can view all four columns side-by-side. Then, if you open the Study Center or view on a smaller device, the side-by-side view scales down to a two- or single-column view.

All of the Scripture references are hyperlinked. Tap on headers to open references in a pop-up. Then, use the arrow in the top-right to open the reference in the Study Center. Doing so will allow you to continue referencing this passage while moving along in the Gospel Harmony.

Jesus before pilate gospel harmonies hyperlinks


This is the shining moment of owning a Gospel Harmony. You can easily learn that John goes into much more detail about the conversation between Jesus and Pilate than the other three Gospels.  You can also see that only Luke records that Jesus went before Herod, but all four Gospels do record further interactions between Jesus and Pilate.

gospel harmonies Jesus before Herod antipas


Olive Tree’s Gospel Harmonies are divided into over 250 events in the life of Christ. The chronology is primarily based on Mark and Luke’s gospels. Then Matthew and John are harmonized with the timeline as best as possible, creating a seamless reading experience. A full index of the titles and passages is included.

In the index you can view all 250 events and quickly see how many Gospels address a single event.  You can even tap on the event to open it.

Gospel harmonies Jesus feeds five thousand


The Olive Tree Gospel Harmonies are currently available in the following translations:


Have you ever used one of our Strong’s Tagged Bibles? They allow you to tap on words in the Bible text to learn more about the original Greek and Hebrew.

We’ve added this same concept to our Gospel Harmonies. First, you can learn about the Greek words and definitions in the Gospels. But secondly, you can easily compare the Greek words used across Gospel accounts.

Strongs tagged bible gospel harmony

You can also search for a word throughout the Gospels. Tap “search” and you’ll instantly see the results.

strongs tag search gospel harmonies

Tap “lookup” to see more dictionary entries from your library.

word search lookup gospel harmonies

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  1. It’s Very good, Very interesting e Very usefull!
    It’s Very good to Reading by Kindle.

  2. Wai Kwan Louis(Samuel)

    Amazing set up I dream of for long
    Without turning and seeking in the Gospels . Thanks for your hard works of heart
    God bless
    In Christ

  3. Martin Hoko

    Thank you so much for making Bible Life easier, more convenient, inviting and revealing. Indeed this takes Bible study to a whole new level.

  4. Are the pericope groupings based on Gundry’s harmony of the gospels?

    • Good question, can someone from Olive Tree answer what their source is for breaking these out?

      • Michael Potter

        The Gospel Harmonies we offer were actually created by us and are intended to follow the events of Jesus’ ministry in chronological order. They are not based on another Harmony set.