A gospel harmony takes the four Gospels and puts them in chronological order. This way, you can compare how the Gospel writers address events in Jesus’ life.  Here’s how you can use this unique resource to freshen up your Bible study.


For example. when Jesus goes to Pilate in Matthew 27:2; Mark 15:1; Luke 23:1; John 18:28 – you can read the interactions between Jesus and Pilate in all four Gospels without having to navigate back and forth.

Because of this unique layout, the screen will default to vertical scrolling for a better viewing experience. On a larger device like a tablet you can view all (4) columns side-by-side. The side-by-side view scales down to a two or single column view as the horizontal viewable area gets smaller, or when Resource Guide is opened.


All of the Scripture references are hyperlinked, so you can tap on the headers to see that one reference in a popup.


Here’s where the Harmony of the Gospels is also very helpful. You can see that John goes into much more detail about the conversation between Jesus and Pilate than the other three Gospels.  You can also see you see that only Luke records that Jesus went before Herod, but all four Gospels record further interactions between Jesus and Pilate.


Olive Tree’s Harmony of the Gospels are divided into over 250 events in the life of Christ. The chronology is primarily ordered based on Mark and Luke’s gospels with Matthew and John’s accounts harmonizing with them, creating a seamless reading experience. A full index of the titles and passages is included.

In the index you can view all 250 events and quickly see how many Gospels address that event.  You can even tap on the Event to go straight to the event. The verse references are hyperlinked, so you can see each passage in a popup window.


The Olive Tree Harmony of the Gospels is currently available in the following translations:


This is how the Strong’s Tagged Gospel Harmony can take your Bible study to the next level.

Tap on any highlighted word and you’ll get a pop-up window.

In that pop-up, you’ll get the Greek word and a definition. But that’s not all! You’ll also get the ability to search for this word through the Gospels.

Just tap “search” and you’ll instantly see the results.

Or, you can tap “lookup” to see more dictionary entries from your library.

And then tap the dictionary of your choice to read an article for this word.

Check out the full list of all Harmony of the Gospels here.


  1. It’s Very good, Very interesting e Very usefull!
    It’s Very good to Reading by Kindle.

  2. Wai Kwan Louis(Samuel) Reply

    Amazing set up I dream of for long
    Without turning and seeking in the Gospels . Thanks for your hard works of heart
    God bless
    In Christ

  3. Thank you so much for making Bible Life easier, more convenient, inviting and revealing. Indeed this takes Bible study to a whole new level.

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