It has been a long, long road! We are so happy to announce a major update for the Olive Tree Bible App for Windows. If you’re one of our Windows users—thanks for sticking with us! It took a lot of work to get this app to match our iOS, Android, and Kindle apps. The day is finally here.

If you’re ready, you can get it here.
Keep reading to learn about all the new updates and fancy features. 👏

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Also, just a heads up: when you download the app from the Microsoft store, you’ll need Windows 10 and you’ll have to sync/re-download your purchases. Then you can remove the old app from your device if you wish. Our support team put together an article on how to download your resources for Windows here.


Olive Tree Windows Update 4

Now you can see the verse of the day inside the app on Windows. Simply click on the main menu into the top-left corner. Then select “Verse of the Day.”

We love using this feature to get us into God’s Word for the day. Tap “Read” at the bottom to dig deeper into the passage.

You can also share this verse and graphic on your favorite social media accounts. Just click “Share.”


In Summer of 2018, we built audio into the app! Now you can access all your favorite audio books and Bibles on the Windows platform.

If you want to know more details about the audio feature, we have a blog post on that.


Now, you have the latest version of reading plans! We made huge adjustments in the Fall of 2018. You can quickly see your progress in this beautiful layout. Also, you can use popular devotionals in the reading plan layout. Look under the features tab when viewing a devotional on our store to see if it works in this way.

So, start a new reading goal!

And don’t forget to set up alerts. We’ll never let you forget to read. 😄


If you’re using the app on Windows-supported tablet, you can use a pen to highlight! You’re the only platform with this feature, so take advantage of it!


This is a really fun perk of the Windows version of the Olive Tree Bible App. You can drag pop-up windows into already-opened windows to get a better view. Just click and drag.


If you get the Study Center out of sync with the main window—have no fear. You can tap on this fancy link button in the bottom-right corner… and SHAZAM! The Study Center will sync back up.

So much easier than scrolling.


Lastly, we added a dark mode! And, don’t forget that you can also open multiple windows on desktop versions of the app. It makes in-depth studying so much easier!

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    • Alan McIlwaine Reply

      I too would like to see rich text capability, especially on the iPad version.
      As for the rest; we have waited an age and what do we get! I will not be installing the Windows version until I get an assurance that future versions will not require a fresh download of all my books.

      • Cierra Loux Reply

        You’ll still have all of your notes and highlights and things. If anything, it might take 10 mins for the books to download (if you have a lot!) to your computer. But anytime you install/re-install one of our apps, this is required. 🙂

  1. You really surprised me with the pen feature – I never thought that it would be possible in a non-Microsoft-app 😉
    Thanks for making my bible study time so much more enjoyable!

  2. Jonathan Bach Reply

    I like it, but on both PC’s it crashes on the purchased books page.

  3. Good Grief, no mention that you have remove the old version first, so it’s not an “update” it’s a new install. Microsoft store is terrible as well. Crashed first time it opened, crashed 2nd time opened after login with credentials during sync. Third time appears to be working so far.

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Sorry about the Microsoft store! Not too much we can do about that. But thank you for mentioning that it would be good to teach about removing the old version. I’ll add a note to this article. 🙂

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Also, just to clarify, you don’t have to remove the old version before downloading the new version.

      • Steve Puleo Reply

        I went to the Microsoft Store to get the product and after the install it was the same app that I had before. I went back to double check and the only Olive Tree Bible app available says it was released 9/12/2017. So far this is underwhelming.

        • Cierra Loux Reply

          The release date isn’t accurate. That is the day we first started looking into the Microsoft Store options. If your app doesn’t look like the screenshots above, then you have opened the old app, not the new one. If you haven’t used our Windows app before, and you’re commenting on how this looks the same as the iOS and Android app—you’re correct. However, the Windows app didn’t look like this previously. It was very different from the iOS and Android apps.

          • Steve Puleo

            My app looks nothing like the screenshots and the version in the Microsoft Store is version 6 and the Store tells me that I already have the app installed. When I search the store, the version 6 app is the only one found.

          • Cierra Loux

            We don’t have the older version in the Microsoft Store. Sorry, Steve! Sounds like you are opening up the old one somehow. If you need additional help, feel free to email They can point you in the right direction if you give them the details.

  4. I agree with Stephen–very disappointed that this is a new install that leaves my old version in place and then apparently requires me to go through and re-download all of my resources.

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Hey, Carl! Yeah, the extra steps can be overwhelming if you weren’t prepared for them! But that was the only way for us to get this new app out there for you guys. If you have questions about how to get things set up, you can always email, and they can get you going in the right direction.

  5. I’d love to use the update, but after download from the Microsoft storre, it won’t load… the green Olivetree window comes up and then crashes.

    • After installing the new version upon running it would show the green OT screen but crash immediately.

  6. Leslie Flom Reply

    When I download all my books again will I lose my notes and highlights?

  7. I updated through Windows but only 3 or so books showed up and I have dozens. What is the proper procedure to update?

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Hey, Richard! There are links at the top of the blog for this. Look for info on sync and downloading purchases. Thanks!

  8. I think my problem is when I use the Microsoft link on this page for the update it installs a new app separate from my desktop version. My desktop version is still 6.1 and not version 7.

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Nope! That is what is supposed to happen. 🙂

  9. Any chance the desktop version will get an upgrade or is that going to get phased out? That’s what I use now.

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Hey, James, this is the updated desktop version. 🙂

      • I guess what I’m asking is that Windows programs can be installed through the Windows Store, which work either in Tablet Mode or Desktop Mode, and those that get installed by downloading outside the Windows Store and work only in desktop mode. Olive Tree has traditionally had both versions (with the downloaded one substantially superior IMO. The one that was updated was the Windows Store version. Does that mean there will no longer be the version that is downloaded from the website? Or will it remain yet be not upgraded? Or will it be totally phased out.

        • Cierra Loux Reply

          All further updates will be done through the Microsoft store.

  10. In the old version I did like the ability to use book ribbons in the split screen on the right side. New version looks to have eliminated that option. Can now only open book ribbons from main menu on left side. Too many moves on new version when using APP for live speech. ☹️

  11. Hello Cierra,
    Is it right that the app is not available in the Dutch Microsoft Store?
    Regards, Leonard

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Yes, that is true. So sorry Leonard. We are still waiting for permission to list our apps in the EU stores. We really want this fixed soon!

  12. looks great, but when will people in Europe be able to get it? The GDPR issue still has us unable to update mobile apps and we cannot download this from the windows store

    • Sorry, just saw the post above the one I just made and couldn’t work out how to remove mine.
      Can someone give an update on the blog some time about the status perhaps? Even just a rough suggestion as to when it may become available would be worth it.

      • Cierra Loux Reply

        Hey, Matt! So sorry but we don’t have a way to give an estimate. Whenever our legal team gives us the OK is when we will list them. We’re trying to patiently wait. 🙂

        • Thanks for the response. I appreciate what you are saying, but the lack of information for European customers is very frustrating and someone within your legal department must have a timeframe in mind. Whilst the details may not be known to you as of yet, it would be great if you could ask them to give an update.
          I just had to format my iPad, I now can no longer access the app on it and if this will be the case for another few months I may consider purchasing a different app. The lack of information makes that decision hard

  13. Not available in Windows Store for me in Germany.
    I’d like to be able to create custom collections, instead of only having “favorites”.

  14. It is very disappointing that you didn’t mention in your Newsletter that the App is not available in Europe. It would have saved me some time if I had known this before trying to get the App!

    • I’m afraid this ‘launch’ feels quite disappointing for Europeans. I have wasted a lot of time trying to obtain the update until I had to come onto this thread to find it unavailable!
      I am sure it’ll be great when it comes – but a global email saying it is available when it is NOT available to all on your email list is very disappointing.
      It will be helpful if you send an email to your European users to let us know when it is available so we don’t have to waste more time having to keep checking the Wondows Store.

  15. The new Windows version was so easy to setup. I was concerned that I would have to download all my books individually but was pleasantly surprised that the new app downloaded them for me…all I had to do was wait for the sync to complete. I haven’t found the “Close Bible” button like the 6.0 app had for a controlled shutdown. Learning how to manage Notes now. I like the revisions made, looks good. Great work.

  16. The new version is great but I miss the ability to choose a update all button when it come to updating the books. Plus with a lot of Windows tablet now available it would be nice to have the parallel book mode be in top and bottom in portrait mode. It’s kind of hard to read the 2 different bibles in a skinny window. This feature is available in the IOS and android so I assume it can be put in the windows version.

  17. Richard Smith Reply

    I was absolutely thrilled when I got the email about a new windows version of your program. Then the huge let down when I tried to download the program and found it is only for win 10. Nothing prior is supported. Are you aware almost 50 % of windows PCs still run win 7. My main computer is such and I have no plans to replace it anytime soon due to the efficiency I get from it. So once again I am left without options and suppose I will now certainly stop any future plans for added purchases, as I begin a search for a new platform and program to use for Bible study and lesson preparation.

    • Brian Daniels Reply

      Same here, Richard. I have quite a few Windows PCs, having worked many years in the industry…all Windows 7. I upgraded a couple to 10 for less than a week before wiping and reinstalling 7. My main PC is ten years old this year, and still going strong. I will not upgrade to Windows 10. I made the leap to Logos last year, and now I’m glad I did. Their newest version runs Windows 7.

  18. Michael Morris Reply

    Will the old version remain active with all my books after I setup the new version?

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Yes. But once you have the new app set up, you can uninstall the old one if you wish.

  19. Still very disappointed that the European users are without any update untill now. Almost a year without news of a reappearance of the app in windows or ios.

  20. Brian Daniels Reply

    I got pretty excited there for a moment.
    It appears this new version is only available to Windows 10 users. Why are you pushing your customers towards competing products that support previous Windows versions? Is Microsoft offering incentives to software developers (directly or indirectly) to assist in their push to force people away from previous Windows versions?

  21. FINALLY! I long to see this app to be available on Windows 10. Been using this app is Android and in IOS and is indeed my favorite Bible app. And now I can use it on Windows too. This is really awesome. The best thing is, it can be synchronized in cross operating system platforms. 🙂 THANK YOU Olive Tree!!!

  22. One suggestion though, can you make the window on Notes (when you click Add Note) movable? Often times, when you take notes you need to see the passage, but since it blocks the way one will have to close the add note first before checking the passage at the back. So it will be good if the window will be movable.

    • Cierra Loux Reply

      Hey, Vincent! In the Study Center, the third tab over is for notes. If you create a note in the Bible text and it is in the way a bit, like you mentioned, you can open it in there and keep on editing. However, if you start by making a note there, I don’t think it will be tied to the verse. So just be aware of that!

  23. Herman de Waal Reply

    It would be very helpful if you specifically mention that this update is only for Windows 10 devices…
    Some of us cannot afford a new PC just to get a new version of Windows to load your app.

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