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God's Justice Study Bible Notes

by Tim Stafford

God's justice—his plan for "setting things right”—is a foundational principle of the Bible. His plan for justice to triumph is traced from Genesis to Revelation, and as a theme it forms the backbone of Scripture. Designed to inform and inspire, these Study Bible notes carefully address timeless and universal issues around injustice. Written by a tea… Read more…

NIV Student Bible Notes

NIV Student Bible Notes

by Tim Stafford and Philip Yancey

For readers of all ages, the NIV Student Bible provides a tested-and-proven approach to reading and understanding the Bible. Ideal for high school and college-age readers, this study Bible provides different reading tracks that help guide readers along different courses towards understanding the complexities and intricacies of the Bible. Edited by award-wi… Read more…

Miracles A Journalist Looks at Modern Day Experiences of God

Miracles A Journalist Looks at Modern Day Experiences of God's Power

by Tim Stafford

You Believe God Can Still Do Miracles, But How Do You Know Which Stories Are True?A blind man suddenly sees. A lame man gets up and walks. A little boy is raised from the dead. You believe the biblical accounts that these miracles happened, but do you believe eye-witness reports that miracles still happen today? Between shady faith-healers, weeping madonnas,… Read more…