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Resources by Angela Thomas

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A Beautiful Offering: Returning God

A Beautiful Offering: Returning God's Love with Your Life

by Angela Thomas and Angela Thomas

For many years Angela Thomas thought of the Beatitudes as a list of 'Gotta Be's,' as in: Gotta be meek. Gotta be merciful. And when she compared her life to the standard they set, she always felt that she came up short. But through God's great mercy, she has come to see this passage instead as a roster of 'When You Are's.' When you are meek, there is a spiri… Read more…

Do You Think I

Do You Think I'm Beautiful?: The Question Every Woman Asks

by Angela Thomas and Angela Thomas

This book is for women who know, perhaps only deep in their heart, that they need an answer to the question, 'Do you think I'm beautiful?' Readers will come to understand that the question is uniquely feminine, placed there by the Creator to woo them to Himself. Along the way, women will learn about the distractions that can keep them from the One who calls… Read more…