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Resources by Henry Blackaby

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Blackaby Study Bible Notes: Personal Encounters with God Through His Word

Blackaby Study Bible Notes: Personal Encounters with God Through His Word

by Henry Blackaby

The Blackaby Study Bible gives you the results of the Blackaby family's approach to Bible study and encourages you to be available for an encounter with God in His Word. Unique notes and articles throughout the Bible give you guidance for experiencing dramatic, life-changing God encounters" on a daily basis. This is the crowning work of Dr. Henry Blackaby… Read more…

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The Glory of Christmas: Collector

The Glory of Christmas: Collector's Edition

by Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, Charles Swindoll and Henry Blackaby

Amid an extraordinary collection of delightful illustrations by well-known artists and beloved authors, Charles Swindoll, Max Lucado, and Charles Colson share the true meaning of Christmas-including salvation, power for living, righteousness, relationship, encouragement, and more.… Read more…

Discovering God

Discovering God's Daily Agenda

by Henry Blackaby and Henry Blackaby

God has an agenda...and it includes you! God has an agenda. The question is, do you want to know what it is? In this 365-day devotional, Dr.'s Henry and Richard Blackaby glean what God's Word says about His work and how He wants us to live. From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals His agenda and the topics--highlighting each book of the Bible--are present… Read more…

Prepared to Be God

Prepared to Be God's Vessel: How God Can Use an Obedient Life to Bless Others

by Henry Blackaby and Henry Blackaby

Mary was a simple, ordinary woman who was chosen by God for the extraordinary.  Why would God choose this peasant girl and entrust her with the raising of our Savior?  What can we learn from her life? When we look at Mary's life from our limited perspective, we may see an ordinary girl living a simple life.  God, however, saw a pure heart that was ready … Read more…

Created to Be God

Created to Be God's Friend: How God Shapes Those He Loves

by Henry Blackaby and Henry Blackaby

From the example of the life of Abraham, Henry Blackaby will show you how to become God's intimate friend. You will learn how God shapes those He loves into useful, joyful co-workers as they hear and respond to His call in everyday life. Created to Be God's Friend is a remarkable study of our relationship with a personal God who is constantly working in each… Read more…