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by Pete Briscoe

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

When Jesus left the planet, he left a simple directive in his apprentice’s ears: take me to the world, bring them into the family, and teach them to obey me… and don’t worry I’ll be with you every step of the way. So the system was turned on its ear. Instead of “Bring the people to me” Jesus said, “Take me to the people”. This book highli… Read more…

Secrets from the Treadmill

Secrets from the Treadmill

by Pete Briscoe and Patricia Hickman

We're all aware of God's commandment to "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." After all, it's one of the Big 10. But how many of us really observe a Sabbath of rest? More than just a lazy Sunday afternoon, we all need "Sabbaths"-times of reflection and relaxation-in this stressed-out world. With a pastor's experience and i… Read more…