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Resources by Verlyn Verbrugge

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Your Church Sign

Your Church Sign

by Verlyn Verbrugge

Signs have been almost as much a part of the modern church as the front doors. For that matter, they've been the entry into church life for countless people who have responded to their brief but cogent message. Your church sign has more potential than you may imagine -- if you're smart in using it. Your Church Sign offers you sound pointers on signag… Read more…

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Evangelical Scholarship, Retrospects and Prospects

Evangelical Scholarship, Retrospects and Prospects

by Zondervan and Verlyn Verbrugge

This is, perhaps, the most multifaceted collection of essays Zondervan has ever published. A fitting Festschrift to Stan Gundry, a man known by many people for many things, but never for being one-dimensional. As a pastor, scholar, publisher, mentor, and trusted friend, Stan has played diverse roles and worn numerous hats in his professional tenure.Contribut… Read more…