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Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart

Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart

by John Ensor and John Ensor

There is a radical, biblical alternative to much of what is taught and practiced today regarding relationships. Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart presents a bold plan for escaping the swift currents of contemporary patterns of hooking up, shacking up, and breaking up. It draws a compelling vision of complementarity between the sexes. It instructs me… Read more…

Legacy of Sovereign Joy

Legacy of Sovereign Joy

by John Piper and John Piper

We admire these men for their greatness, but the truth is Augustine grappled with sexual passions. Martin Luther struggled to control his tongue. John Calvin fought the battle of faith with worldly weapons. Yet each man will always be remembered for the messages he declared-messages that still resound today. John Piper explores each of these men's lives, int… Read more…

By Faith Alone Answering the Challenges to the Doctrine of Justification

By Faith Alone Answering the Challenges to the Doctrine of Justification

by Gary L. Johnson, Guy P. Waters, Richard D. Phillips, R. Albert MohlerJr., David F. Wells, David VanDrunen, Richard D. Phillips, Gary L. W. Johnson, John Bolt, Guy P. Waters, Cornelis P. Venema, T. David Gordon, C. F. Allison, E. Calvin Beisner and Fowler White

The Reformation swept across Europe with a God-glorifying gospel of grace. Now the doctrine of grace cherished and proclaimed by the Reformers is under renewed assault from an unexpected place—the evangelical church itself. With the help of several theologians, Gary L. W. Johnson and Guy P. Waters trace the background and development of two seemingly d… Read more…

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

by John Piper, Joni Eareckson Tada, Justin Taylor, Justin Taylor, John Piper, David Powlison, Joni Eareckson Tada, Mark Talbot, Stephen F. Saint, Carl F. EllisJr. and Dustin Shramek

In the last few years, 9/11, a tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and many other tragedies have shown us that the vision of God in today's churches in relation to evil and suffering is often frivolous. Against the overwhelming weight and seriousness of the Bible, many Christians are choosing to become more shallow, more entertainment-oriented, and therefore irrelev… Read more…

Confronting Kingdom Challenges

Confronting Kingdom Challenges

by Samuel T. Logan, Samuel T. LoganJr., Peter R. Jones, Peter Jensen, In Whan Kim, Charles Clayton, Diane Langberg, Yusufu Turaki, David R. Haburchak, John Nicholls, Manuel Ortiz, Victor Cole, Wilson Chow, Jimmy Lin and Ron Scates

It takes only one look at today's news page or one listen to the news shows to understand that, clearly, there is no shortage of kingdom challenges for the twenty-first-century church at large, for Christian organizations and agencies, or for us as individuals. In the face of such enormous problems as the rise of pagan world religions, AIDS, sexual abuse and… Read more…

Praying the Lord

Praying the Lord's Prayer

by J.I. Packer and J. I. Packer

Praying is a problem for many people. Christians often go through the motions of prayer because it is expected of them, but they are often left wondering, 'Did God hear me? Does he even care?' In his book Praying the Lord's Prayer, an excerpt from Growing in Christ, J. I. Packer presents a powerful truth: prayer is a natural activity between the Heavenly Fat… Read more…

God Wrote a Book

God Wrote a Book

by James MacDonald and James MacDonald

'God wrote a book.' There is something very powerful in that simple statement. The book, of course, is the Bible, and because God is its author, it's the most important work ever written. Millions across the world agree with that, yet many believe it only conceptually, doubting that the words of the Bible are in fact the very words of God. Pastor James MacDo… Read more…

Feminine Appeal (Foreword by Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Feminine Appeal (Foreword by Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Carolyn Mahaney, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Carolyn Mahaney and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Carolyn Mahaney identifies with the challenges facing women intoday's world and meets them with the guidance of God's Word. Thefeminine virtues described in Titus 2 have transformed her life andthe lives of countless other women. This book will show you theappeal of being a woman who lives for God and helps others do thesame.… Read more…


God's Greater Glory The Exalted God of Scripture and the Christian Faith

by Bruce A. Ware

Though in all things God's Word is the final authority, our Christian tradition, as inherited from centuries of careful reflection and endeavoring to be true to the teaching of Scripture, can greatly enlighten us. Nowhere is this blend of respectful listening to the wisdom of the past and faithfulness to the Bible more necessary than in our contemporary refo… Read more…

I Don

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Foreword by David Limbaugh)

by Norman Geisler, Frank Turek, Norman L. Geisler, Frank Turek and David Limbaugh

To some, the concept of having faith in a higher power or a set of religious beliefs is nonsensical. Indeed, many view religion in general, and Christianity in particular, as unfounded and unreasonable. Norman Geisler and Frank Turek argue, however, that Christianity is not only more reasonable than all other belief systems, but is indeed more rational … Read more…

A Family Guide to Narnia Biblical Truths in C.S. Lewis

A Family Guide to Narnia Biblical Truths in C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia

by Wayne Martindale, Christin Ditchfield, Wayne Martindale and Christin Ditchfield

Do you read The Chronicles of Narnia sensing that the stories are full of biblical parallels, even if you're not always sure what they are or where to find them? This user-friendly companion to The Chronicles of Narnia is written for C. S. Lewis readers like you who want to discover the books' biblical and Christian roots. Read it, and you'll find that this … Read more…


AMG's Comprehensive Dictionary of New Testament Words

by Richard Pigeon

AMG Publishers, a premier provider of Christian books and Bibles that help the average person understand the Bible in its original languages is proud to present to you the multi-functional reference tool that is AMG’s Comprehensive Dictionary of New Testament Words. This dictionary is your gateway to discover the meaning of the words in the Greek New Testa… Read more…

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