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AMG's Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life and Time

by Mark Water

AMG's Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life and Time is a collection of quotations, Bible studies, sermons, poems, hymns, prayers, meditations, and checklists on the life and times of the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of the material in AMG's Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life and Time has been grouped under one of the five following headings: 1. Comparing modern viewpoints … Read more…

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament - TWOT

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament - TWOT

The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT), by Gleason L. Archer and R. Laird Harris, is an extensive, scholarly discussion of every Hebrew word of theological significance in the Old Testament and is keyed to Strong's Concordance. TWOT includes the following features: More than 1,400 articles written by 43 Old Testament scholars 400 su… Read more…

Greek-English Lexicon, The - by Louw & Nida

Greek-English Lexicon, The - by Louw & Nida

by Johannes P. Louw and Eugene Nida

A unique approach to the Greek language, the Greek-English Lexicon by Louw-Nida is a great tool for advanced or intermediate Greek studies. Focusing on the contextual aspect of words, Louw-Nida uses categories called “semantic domains” to navigate the dictionary. With sections such as Plants, Animals, Festivals, and Status, words in this lexicon are ar… Read more…

Tyndale Bible Dictionary

Tyndale Bible Dictionary

by Philip Comfort and Walter A. Elwell

Tyndale Bible Dictionary is the primary work in the Tyndale Reference Library. These works offer information and background on all topics necessary to delve deeper in studying and understanding the Bible. Alphabetized and easily-searchable, covering a comprehensive list of topics from the Aaronic priesthood to the Wilderness of Zinn, the Tyndale Bible Dict… Read more…


Eerdman's Dictionary of the Bible

by David Noel Freedman

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible was written by David Noel Freedman (editor-in-chief), Allen Myers (associate editor), and Astrid B. Beck (managing editor), and published in 2000. The Bible dictionary gathers nearly 5,000 alphabetically ordered articles that thoroughly and clearly explain all the books, persons, places, and significant terms found in the … Read more…

New Unger

New Unger's Bible Dictionary

by Merrill Unger

Published originally in 1957 and revised and updated in 1988, this detailed dictionary by Merrill F. Unger has long been a standard reference work for Bible students. The New Unger's Bible Dictionary is a clear, coherent dictionary that offers authoritative, well-researched information. Useful for looking up the meaning of biblical terms, this eBook also c… Read more…

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Abridged - Little Kittel)

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Abridged - Little Kittel)

by Geoffrey W. Bromiley

This popular condensation of Gerhard Kittel's distinguished Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) is commonly known as the "Little Kittel." The task of reducing Kittel's multi-volume and highly technical work down to its essential insights was undertaken by Dr. Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Professor Emeritus of Church History and Historical Theology … Read more…

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Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament

Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament

by Barclay Newman

The Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament is a short dictionary often found in the back of Greek New Testaments printed by the United Bible Society. Each entry is concise, yet it gives specific entries for a few irregular inflected forms as well as unusual glosses from specific passages. It is ideal for students who are just beginning to read… Read more…

EDNT (Eerdman

EDNT (Eerdman's Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament)

For students of the Greek language, the EDNT is an excellent Greek-English dictionary. The EDNT is the English translation of the three-volume Exegetisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, and is a complete English dictionary of New Testament Greek. It serves as a guide to the usage of every New Testament word in its various contexts, has thorough, le… Read more…

Diccionario de la Santa Biblia

Diccionario de la Santa Biblia

by W. W. Rand and W. W. Rand

¡El Diccionario de la Santa Biblia le da más! Más que solo definiciones de términos bíblicos. Le da detalles acerca de la Biblia, de su historia, de su ambiente, su geografía, sus personajes y sus doctrinas. Le provee con los antecedentes que usted necesita para obtener una imagen completa de la vida durante los tiempos bíblicos.El Diccionario de la S… Read more…


Vincent's Word Studies

Vincent's Word Studies combine a verse-by-verse commentary and Greek lexicon in a clear, coherent format. This valuable resource brings out the richness and fullness of the precise Greek meaning, grammatical structure, history, derivation, and usage in a way that is accessible to the average English reader. For both sermons and personal study, Christia… Read more…

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Naves Topical Bible Index

Naves Topical Bible Index

by Orville J. Nave

Nave's Topical Bible Index is an indispensable tool for topical Bible study, this volume provides more than 100,000 hyperlinked Scripture references arranged under more than 6,000 topical headings. Used by teachers, pastors, and Bible students for many years as a reliable convenient way to study the word of God. Compiled by Orville J. Nave, A.M., D.… Read more…

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