2017 was a fantastic year at Olive Tree. You guys read the Bible (a lot!). We were able to make some big changes that improved the way you study the Bible. It was a win-win. So, let’s reminisce over the last twelve months and what we accomplished together!


You all opened the app 262 MILLION times in 2017. That’s 262 million instances of someone reading God’s Word. Since our mission is to encourage people to connect with God and the Bible through technology, this statistic makes us SO happy.


We like looking at this statistic because it lets us know if users are having quality study time inside the app. Based on the numbers, that seems to be the case! Keep it up, you guys.


This was a little addition we thought would be fun for our notes feature. Now when you want to represent the ? and ? from John 6, nothing is holding you back.


We’ll have another blog up soon that goes even more in-depth on the top titles from last year, but here’s a sneak peek at the top 5. You guys are really trying to place yourself in Biblical times—learning about the culture, the geography, and the original languages.

Top 5 Reading Plans of 2017

This year, 348,000 reading plans were started! We’re so proud of our users who stuck with their reading plans till they were completed. It isn’t always easy to do! It’s never too late to start a new reading plan, or jump back into one you forgot about.


We added a visual aspect to our Verse of the Day feature! You can determine when you get the notification, share the image on social channels, and quickly tap “read” to see the verse in context (because context is crucial!). Currently, this is only available for iOS devices—but watch out Android users! You’ll see this feature hit your devices in 2018.


We switched up the look for our iOS and Android apps, and we heard a great response from our users! The highlight of this change (besides the cosmetic upgrade) was the addition of the Study Center. Instead of only having the Resource Guide in the Split Window, we made it possible to quickly switch between a few tabs: Resource Guide, Parallel, Notes, and Lookup.

Also, we’ve been tossing lots of new videos up (like the one found above) on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it recently, you should check it out.


In 2017, we hit the 9 year mark for our time in the App Store. We’re so excited to hit our 10-year mark this July! We also loved celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation with blog series, new and free resources, and a huge sale of reformed titles.

AND we also celebrated yet another year of doing what we love: equipping God’s people to study His word: any place, any time. All glory be to Christ!





  1. Bastiaen Norel Reply

    Dear Olive Tree Staff,

    Thank you for a wonderful App. It is such a magnificent study tool. I’m sure if I were an Olive Tree salesmen I would make a lot of money. I tell all my friends how good it is.

  2. I’ve have used this app everyday for over eight years. Being able to study on my desktop, then pick up my table (with everything already synced) and teach, it very helpful. Thank you.

  3. I truly have grown spiritually using Olivetree bible app with all the tools you provide this is my main bible app to use when reading and studying my bible. You make it friendly user and it has helped with discipline in my life for spiritual growth…Thanks!

  4. Lance Wilcox Reply

    Love the app and all the titles you make available. I do notice the occasional textual error, particularly with some of the older titles like Keil and Delitzsche. Is there any way to log corrections?

  5. My wife and I discovered the Olive Tree Bible Study app about 8 years ago when we were looking for a Bible app that was user friendly for her (then) new Nook tablet. At first, we didn’t know anything about it, but we soon discovered it’s usefulness as a portable library. Since then we have added many Bible study tools. And I am grateful too. Before, when we traveled, I had to pick out 5 books out of my library to take on the road. Now there is no worry. I have most of what I need in the app (at least 66 books). Try carrying that on the plane.
    Like someone has already commented, if I were a Olive Tree Bible Study app salesman, I would have already made some good money. I’ve told many of my friends and acquaintances about the app, and many of them have downloaded it. It’s surprising how many people still do not know about the app. Just last week, I was talking to a Pastor about it, and he had never heard of it. This Bible study app is one of the best, if not the Best.

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