Have you heard? We updated our Android app! This update wasn’t a little bug fix or adding one new feature. Hours and hours of hard work from our development team went into this update, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Maybe you have already updated the app and seen the changes. Great! We hope to continue releasing support videos and articles to help you make the transition. But if you haven’t heard about the update, here are 3 major highlights of the work we accomplished.


We gave the app a makeover! The new design is sleek and clean—not busy or overwhelming, despite all the unique features we offer for studying the Bible in-depth.

We’ve reorganized a few things as well, moving the “My Stuff” features within the main menu (accessible on the far left). Also, the Search, Library, Verse Chooser, and Resource Guide all have a new look that will enhance your experience in the app. Hello, simplicity!


We’ve made 100s of reading plans accessible from the toolbar! Scroll through the inspirational graphics and find a daily reading plan that will encourage you to grow spiritually. You’ll be held accountable and able to check off each day inside the app.

We have a variety now, but also hope to keep growing our collection! You can find reading plans to help you read through the entire Bible in year, learn more about Biblical topics, study the Bible chronologically, and more.



When enabled, the new automatic downloads feature allows you to quickly import synced resources. You don’t have to find the resource in your library and initiate the download yourself—it will do it all on its own!


Check out these videos we made to see the app in action. Then, experience the update for yourself!




  1. Patrick Earl Reply

    You guys should have left the top and bottom bars green and you really should go back to letting us add the fonts we want to use. The choices we have are limited . The desktop version allows us to use the font we want. I personally use Buxton Sketch which has a clean handwritten look.

  2. George Budd Reply

    I love the update. It’s REALLY intuitive and clean …now to get the PC one up to date 😉

    • Don Barron Reply

      I feel the same. The PC interface is clunky and dated compared to the Android update.

      • Cierra Klatt Reply

        Thanks for the kind words! We are working on pushing out an update for Windows—just facing some roadblocks! Sorry, guys!

  3. Don Barron Reply

    Can you make the app scrolling work in ChromeOS while running Android? It works via touch, but mouse/trackpad controls don’t.

    • Cierra Klatt Reply

      Could you do me a favor? Could you email this request to support@olivetree.com? This is will create ticket and archive your request so that it can be remembered as we make updates!

  4. Just want to say thank you for all your hard work. I love Olive Tree.

  5. Mary Calton Gerard Reply

    I have had the android app update for about 1 week. I absolutely love it! The ability to sync notes, bookmarks and ideas is ideal and I cannot think about not having this ability. Ease of use, modern, and the new features add up to me making the decision to leave my former Bible software. I had begun to add books, my notes and Bibles to my Olivetree. I had been using my previous Bible software for 15 plus years. After the android update, I am totally moving to Olivetree Bible software. My Kindle and Windows 10 are patiently awaiting. Thank u for everything!

    • Cierra Klatt Reply

      Wow, Mary! Thanks for the encouraging comment. We are so glad that you are enjoying the app!

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