At Olive Tree, we are a bunch of Bible nerds. Most of us are avid users of our own app, meaning we get to create features that we’re passionate about. When we added audio Bibles to our store, we had the opportunity to create an experience that we felt good about, and the result is something pretty unique.

Here are three features, three reasons to use the Olive Tree app to listen to your favorite Bible translations:

Reason 1: Verse-Level Navigation

Here’s a scenario: You want to listen to Galatians 3:15-22. With other platforms, you might have to wait 14 verses to get to the place you wanted to start at.

With Olive Tree, you simply tap your desired book, chapter, and verse, allowing you the convenience of control over your listening experience.

choose verse on audio bible
Control exactly where your audio Bible starts from

With this feature, listening to Psalm 119 (longest chapter in the Bible) doesn’t seem so daunting!

Reason 2: Follow the Text With Your Ears and Eyes

In this day and age, it’s almost certain that you might find yourself doing something else while you listen to your audio Bible. Luckily, you have the ability to listen while you drive, scroll through Instagram, or take notes with your phone.

My favorite way to multitask while listening to the Bible is… reading the Bible! On the Olive Tree App, if you have the same Bible translation in both the text and audio formats, it will automatically show the verse that is being read. This gives you the chance to process the Word through multiple senses. Another way to read along (with context) is to simply drag down the screen and select a translation, commentary, or dictionary of your choice.

olive tree audio bible read and listen scripture
Two ways to read along!

Reason 3: Reading Plans

Bible reading plans are nothing new, but Olive Tree has optimized your audio Bible experience so that you can complete a plan with just your ears, which we think is pretty cool!

First, tap the reading plan icon.

olive tree reading plan reason

Next, choose a plan. We have so many to choose from and are always coming out with more!

olive tree 5 days on hope audio bible

Finally, choose your audio Bible. If you don’t see the one you want to use, it’s possible that your plan includes passages that your audio Bible doesn’t cover.

olive tree reading plan audio bible

For more information about setting up a reading plan on the app, check out our reading plan guide.

Honorable Mention: Bookmarking

So I know we said 3 reasons, but I had to mention bookmarking. While you listen to the Bible, tap the bookmark icon to mark that place. You can go back through it later to take notes or read it. We like this feature because sometimes you just need to make a quick note!

olive tree audio bible bookmark

Start Listening

If this blog got you excited about listening to an audio Bible, find one in our store. Also, you can read about more tips and features in these blog posts:

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