Parallel Bibles are a useful way to compare two different Bible translations. In print, you can often find parallel Bibles that contain both an English translation and another language. Another type of parallel Bible may contain a more literal translation next to a dynamic translation or paraphrase.

With the Olive Tree Bible App, you can easily set up your own customized parallel Bible and in video below we’ll show you how.


Now you know how to create a parallel Bible. But why use one? Here are three reasons:

  • Read a more literal translation (KJVESVNASB) alongside a more dynamic one (NLTMessageTLB) to get a better idea of what the text says
  • Have an English translation open alongside the different language text
  • Compare commentaries or dictionaries by having those resources open instead of a Bible


See all the available Bibles for the Olive Tree Bible App here!

Olive Tree Bible App iOS

Olive Tree Bible App Android



  1. Thanks for this tip.

    Is there any plan to support the ability to link together an OT-only resource with a NT-only resource to produce what is essentially a composite bible based on two different testament resources? I’ve been wanting to link a Hebrew resource (OT only) with a Greek resource (NT only) so that as I switch between OT and NT passages it automatically knows to open the corresponding resource. As it stands now, I have to laboriously close one and open the other each time I happen to cross the OT/NT address boundary which us quite inefficient.

    Thanks – Tony Garland

    • Monty Galloway Reply

      Hi Tony,

      No plans to do this right now, but it is a great suggestion. I’ll pass it along to our development team.


  2. When I tapped on the screen no menu opened and I could never get to the “open study center” he referred to at the beginning and so was unable to open up a second window. What am I doing wrong?

    • Cierra Klatt Reply

      Hey, Terry! In this video, Kyle is using a Samsung tablet. If you’re using any kind of Apple device, things will look a little different. The best way for me to explain this is to point you to our YouTube account, where we have lots of helpful how-to videos. If you have any other questions, or need to be walked-through how to do something, feel free to email They will be glad to assist you!

      • Thanks. I am on a Mac. I will go look at the YouTube videos.

  3. William Morrison Reply

    works great on my android phone, but not on my Samsung Galaxy S tablet. Nothing on the bottom right to even get started. And is the split window function now gone on tablets? I realize tablets may be different phones. If so, just say so. Still the best app.

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